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6 min readFeb 23, 2021


Note! There is a minimum limit of 100K to swap ESS to ESSX and vice versa.

The day we’ve all been waiting for so long is finally here, we are delighted to state that the masternode auto-deploy is now available! From now on, you can easily deploy Mars and Mercury Essentia masternodes directly from the Desktop application in a faster, more efficient way: no coding required, just a few clicks!

On that note, we would like to thank our community for being extremely supportive — we appreciate your involvement and interest! We hope that you will share your thoughts on this development, send your feedback, and help us become better!

Why would you want to run the Essentia Masternode?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. High APY
  2. Few options available:
    - Mercury for 100K ESSX
    - Mars for 300K ESSX.
  3. With the 1click Masternode auto-deploy, you can install a node in a matter of seconds.
  4. Running a masternode is an effortless opportunity to receive passive income.
  5. Withdraw rewards or stop the nodes when needed.

Without further ado, let’s get into the guide!



  1. Download the latest version from the official webpage.
  2. Launch the installer.
  3. When the Windows protected your PC window shows up, click on More info.

4. Next, select Run anyway.

Note: This message shows up every time the software is downloaded from the Internet, we assure you it won’t damage your PC in any way.


1. Download the .dmg from the webpage.

2. Open it and drag & drop the Essentia app to the Applications folder.

3. Launch Essentia.

If you see any warning message, right-click Essentia and choose Open.


  1. Update Essentia.

It is vital to run the latest version of the software, so don’t skip the updates.

2. Once the Update notification is up, click on Update.

3. Wait until the new version is installed and don’t interrupt the process.
It should take a few seconds only if you are connected to the fast network. Otherwise, it will take a while to download the necessary data.

Note: the app will be restarted automatically for the changes to take place.


🛈 Make sure you are running the latest available Desktop application. It can be downloaded on the official website.

  1. Create Essentia Desktop account.

2. Import your Ethereum address.
For instance, it may be your account from Metamask, which holds Essentia ERC-20 tokens.

To do that:
- Get the wallet’s private key.

🛈 Here is a how-to for Metamask

- Hit the Import button at the top.

- Choose Ethereum wallet on the list.

- Provide the particular wallet’s private key and give it any name you wish.

- The wallet is added and shown on the left sidebar.

3. Add the Essentia token.
- Reach your wallet on the left sidebar.
- Press ‘+’ below it.
- Select Essentia on the list and hit Add.

- The token shows up below your wallet.

4. Add Essentia coin wallet.
- Click on the ‘+’ button at the top.
- Select Essentia Coin on the list.
- Hit Add.

- The Essentia coin wallet (ESSX) shows up on the left sidebar.


In order to start the masternode, you will need to swap the tokens for coins. Below you will find a detailed guide on how to do that.

  1. Select the Essentia ERC-20 token tied to the wallet you wish to swap from and hit the Token Swap button.

2. Enter the number of tokens you wish to swap for coins and hit Swap.

! NOTE: In order to deploy a masternode, you will need to swap 100,000 ESS tokens for coins (ESSX) + an extra sum to pay for a server fee that will be also taken in ESSX.

3. Select the Essentia coin wallet you wish to send the coins to.

4. Check your transaction.

🛈 Usually, the swap is executed within 1–2 minutes. However, if the blockchain is loaded with lots of transactions, it may take longer than expected.


  1. Go to your wallet, you will see the Deploy masternode button, click on it.

2. You will get this pop-up. Select either Mercury or Mars node, enter the name of your masternode, as well as the server subscription timeline. Click Setup a masternode.

3. While the masternode is setting up, you will see the ‘In progress’ status. When you hover on it, you will see what step you are on at the moment.

4. When the masternode is up, the status will change to ‘Active’. This takes approximately 20 minutes. As you can see on the screenshot below, you can find the information about the next server payment to make, how many rewards you have earned, and the status of the node.

Note: the time of the masternode deployment depends on the network load, and might take up to 1–2 hours on the busiest days.

5. If you click on the 3 dots to the right, you will be able to:

  • Pay for the server
  • Withdraw your rewards
  • Stop the node
  • Get the hash of the masternode
  • Get the masternode address

Note: Keep in mind that if you do not pay for the server in time, your masternode will be stopped, and your rewards and the locked-in coins will be automatically sent to your address.

That’s it! Your Masternode is now officially up and running. What do you think? Make sure to share your thoughts on our Telegram channel. If you have any questions about swap, contact us via email:



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