MTK: Insights into Building the World’s First Govt. Blockchain for Finland

Over the past few months, we have been in discussion with representatives from the Government of Finland and we are now excited to announce that Essentia has addressed issues raised and have offered workable solutions which are now in development stages.

The stack of technology intended for implementation became a primary source of debate, however, the team has now unanimously decided on the strengths of ‘React-JS’ in conjunction with Smart-Contracts written on Solidity.

The project has been divided into a few parts. First, development has begun on Solidity with Smart-Contract logic drafts. The backend development has been split into three parts: employers, government and workers. Each faction will be responsible for the functionality available for the specific category of users.


A convenient interface for workers will permit the search for jobs, check company ratings, feedback, location and more. The data regarding the company’s validity will be verified and written into the blockchain, thus allowing anyone seeking for a job to be certain about their potential employer.

There will also be the possibility to contact and leave messages directly from the members area.


As for employers, we’re currently refining the functionality to ensure validity, receive verification from the Finnish government, write this data into the blockchain and further post vacancies on the website. This approach will significantly simplify the process of awarding and receiving governmental licenses and other important checks overall.

The employer will have the power to be absolutely certain about the identity of whom they are hiring as all the information regarding workers is verified by the smart contract. This also concerns feedback, the data cannot be altered or deleted.


The Government faculty will only be accessible to the Finnish government. This will provide officials the ability to verify companies, confirm the validity of data and check any registered company or worker.

Future Plans

We are heavily focused on the development and will continue working on:

  • Writing backend to work with ETH node.
  • Login and homepage, adding description and FAQ.
  • Writing the smart contract to store and check the program’s data.

Keep in mind that the project for the Government of Finland remains entirely open source. You can always follow the development of the service in the repositories of

We are incredibly excited to be responsible for this project and to eventually prove how blockchain implementation can drastically change the way we work and interoperate.

The Web 3.0 is now looming on the horizon — an infinitely more secure, safe and powerful technological world awaits us!

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