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Are you new to the project and want to know more about it? Worry no more! In order to make sure your introduction to Essentia goes smoothly, we have collected all the relevant pieces of information you might need to know in this blog post. Keep on reading if you’re wondering what Essentia is exactly.

What is Essentia?

Essentia is an all-in-one manager, allowing you to control all your crypto life in one place. We are gathering and interconnecting necessary in crypto world services under one platform, providing you, a user, access to all of them simultaneously.

What is our goal?

The goal of the project is to make the blockchain technology widely accessible, bringing it to every person’s home. This way we are aiming for a smoother transition from the Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 — the internet of interoperability and decentralization. Over 25,000 Essentia users have now proven that Web 3.0 is not just a vision but a living reality with such an exponential increase in adoption.

Our products

Being on the market for more than 2 years already, we have released several working products. Being loyal to our goal of providing access to the blockchain technology, our main focus has been and will be on efficiency, interoperability, and simplicity — to drive mainstream adoption to both our platform and the blockchain sphere as a whole.

Mobile & Desktop

A simple yet secure crypto manager. Essentia can act as a SuperWallet. How?

  1. Store, send and receive assets with just a few clicks. Send and receive transactions with the help of the QR code in order to save time and effort.

2. Add numerous crypto wallets and work with more than 750+ coins and tokens. We are constantly updating the list of the assets available in our applications, in order to make sure we have the most popular currencies.

3. Create multiple accounts. With Essentia you can easily create your business, corporate and private accounts independently from each other.

In today’s era of data theft and leaks, one of the biggest concerns for us was to create an application that will be as secure as possible. That is why all our products provide a few layers of security, including the login with seed/mnemonics/keystore file, and Touch ID for the mobile version.

In the Desktop application, you can also participate in the decentralized permissionless voting, influencing the further development of the product. By casting your votes, you can choose what service will be added to the Essentia framework during the upcoming future development stages.

With Essentia’s mobile and desktop versions, you ensure that your crypto life is under your control wherever you are — within the reach of your hands, at all times.! Easily synchronize your accounts across multiple devices!

Download the Essentia mobile to bring all your crypto life wherever you go:

Android | iOS

Download the Essentia for desktop here.


The development of a unique, efficient and interoperable blockchain is another way to achieve our goal of stepping into — and driving adoption towards Web 3.0. Currently, we are moving forward as fast as the speed of lightning! The highly anticipated mainnet release is right around the corner.

The testnet, however, is already running. The Essentia testnet is a fully functioning blockchain with Proof of Stake consensus mechanism running in a test mode. Proof of Stake is a type of protocol that is used to verify transactions using a fraction of the electricity used in PoW. The blockchain keeps track of a set of validators (masternodes), and anyone who holds the blockchain’s cryptocurrency (in our case ESS) can become a validator by sending a special type of transaction that locks up their coins into a deposit. The process of creating and agreeing to new blocks is then done through a consensus algorithm that all current validators can participate in. PoS is used to create ESS that is distributed to stakers as a reward for validating transactions.

You can install the network, set up test masternodes and browse the blockchain.

In order to do that, check out the setup guide.

Useful links

Website, where you can download the products.

Wiki page, with more information about the project.

Social media outlets to contact us.




Feel free to leave all your questions and comments on our social outlets!

Essentia One

Essentia is the decentralized data management framework. Forged by a set of protocols. Forming Essences. Inside them, users own their data, identity and communications, enabling new powerful interactions.


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Decentralized data management framework. With one seed, you can control all of your dApps, identities, and assets. Website:

Essentia One

Essentia is the decentralized data management framework. Forged by a set of protocols. Forming Essences. Inside them, users own their data, identity and communications, enabling new powerful interactions.

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