New Year, New Look: What’s Happening in the World of Essentia

Time has flown by since our last article and we’ve been keeping very busy! A lot has happened behind the scenes and we want to share some of these developments with you including an update on how the project is going and where is headed to.

The Essentia team has been hard at work developing our blockchain ecosystem and working with companies to support ESS and build partnerships. We have some very juicy news to announce in the coming days and the next weeks that you’re going to want to hear. To mark the start of a new year, we’ve also got a shiny new website: mosey on over to gasp at its prettiness. While you’re there, it’s a good chance to refresh your memory on what the project’s all about and how Essentia will simplify your digital life whilst enhancing your security. On the more, everybody is welcome to join our telegram community and get real-time updates or ask whatever comes in mind about Essentia!

Aesthetics are nice, but it’s what’s going on behind the curtains that counts, and here we’ve been making great strides. Our tech team has ticked off a number of tasks that were high on our priority list, including the creation and refinement of our technologies to fit for cross-chain and multi-chain usage.

We’re also pleased to report that we’ve already successfully integrated into Essentia: Ethereum and Bitcoin, as well as, EtherDelta, IPFS, Swarm, Storj,, Aragon and more!

The redesign of the Essentia demo has been completed and will be published soon with several new features.

Next steps

There’s much more still to do of course. And we are continuously working hard on several fronts. Public updates will flow out regularly from now on.. please stay tuned!

That’s all for now but we look forward to updating you on more exciting developments from HQ very soon. Stay tuned, and remember, if you’ve any questions, you can reach out to us on our social channels at any time.

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