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One Year Since the Essentia TGE: An Overview

We cannot believe it has already been a year. Can you believe how time flies so fast? During these 12 months of hard work and dedication, so much has been done, so many lines of code written. How many, exactly? Today, on this one year anniversary instead of our usual Monthly development updates, we add up all the progress we have made over Essentia’s development, and see how far we have come over the past year … in figures!

20+ Significant Events, 3 Over the Past Year

…along with a plethora of private, local, and scientific conferences.

Whether it was one of the internationally renowned events such as Consensus, one of the many grassroots conferences such as the Blockchain solutions for Smart Cities, or the events we personally organized, like Deconomy after-party, each had an immense impact on us. They brought to the table more experience and skills, and they were great opportunities to expand our network list. We are truly grateful for all those involved — and our opportunities to deliver Essentia keynotes — at all the conferences we’ve been to! It was a pleasure to meet all the leading industry figures as well as our core Essentia community!

Let’s review some of the most prominent events that left the biggest impressions.

The Blockchain Economic Forum has a long history of major events, gathering like-minded people from all around the globe. Previous conferences in San Francisco, New York, and Singapore proved to be one of the most influential meetings in the crypto world. The event’s best card is the fact that it gathers not only most successful projects and teams but also the industry’s top influentials. Vinny Lingham (CEO at Civic Technologies) and Bobby Lee (Bitcoin Foundation), as well as many more professionals, have a history of attendance, meaning you can always be guaranteed insights into the world’s most highly developing industry. And we had a brilliant opportunity to be there!

Another fascinating occasion — Devcon — left us excited and ready to conquer! It is considered to be the biggest event in the decentralized world for a reason, gathering the biggest minds to discuss, network and bring blockchain technology to the world. It is there that we were able to meet a myriad of ‘loud’ projects (such as IDEX, Status, StorJ, and a lot more), and significantly widen our partnership opportunities.

Envisioning to bring blockchain to the global audiences, we couldn’t miss a chance to vision one of the most influential events in Asia — Korea Blockchain Week. During five days we had an opportunity to visit quite a lot of events, including some big conferences such as Beyond Blocks for instance. The event allowed us to not only get to know global leaders from the financial, business and blockchain sectors but also meet with a number of projects that we are currently partnered with (GANA, ORCA, and APIS)!

15 Partnerships Established, 6 Over the Past Year

Having set at the very beginning the goal of developing an extensive and thriving ecosystem, we have stayed loyal to our vision. Partnership after partnership, we have made significant strides towards making blockchain tech more accessible to the world. From the masternode mediation platform to the biggest Switzerland’s communities, we have built a large network of projects supporting, developing and promoting blockchain technology around the globe.,

With the goal to spread the word and educate people about the new decentralized technology, we cooperated and worked shoulder to shoulder with Blockacademy, an institution providing immersive theoretical and practical blockchain development courses in Europe. The Essentia developers were proud to become teachers of the course, during which we delivered lectures about the technical details of the blockchain (the structure, principles of work, consensus protocols, etc), as well as mentored the practical part — dApps and smart contract development.

We are extremely proud to say that we helped more than 50 people to expand their knowledge and find their own blockchain path!

Millions of Code Lines Written

Our development never stopped with the release of the Essentia Demo (the Web app which took the role of our MVP before the TGE). We are proud to say, that during the last year we were able to create 4 fully functional products. Here’s a quick snapshot of them!


The first Essentia application brought to the world after the TGE was the Essentia Desktop test version for developers. Having all major Essentia Demo features + more, it allowed users to create multiple accounts, store and exchange their assets in the most secure decentralized way possible, and personalize their profiles as they pleased.

Having tested out all the features and taking into consideration all the feedback, we soon released another; the official Desktop application.

With even more security and functionality, this application was much more simple to install and use — less time wasted, more things done! A few months later, the latest Desktop version was released, allowing additional features such as 750+ integrated tokens and coins, as well as the interconnection of all Essentia applications and accounts. Your crypto goes wherever you go!


Embodying all the desktop features, Essentia mobile was an immense success, being even more efficient and easy to get the hang of. We designed the application to be a fast, one-stop solution that allows you to access and manage your crypto life in just a few clicks. This considered, we paid extra attention to security by adding extra measures and layers, including the possibility to log in using mnemonics/seed/keystore file or Touch ID.

To make your experience even more smooth and easy we added the possibility for you to log in using your Jaxx and Exodus accounts, allowing for seamless integration of all your existing wallets.

Blockchain testnet

Developing a blockchain takes time, effort and lots of skill, — but it has been immensely rewarding. Our vision remains the same, we knew that we needed to provide an efficient solution which offers complete decentralization and security. Our blockchain engineers worked incredibly hard over the last 12 month to release a fully functioning blockchain with a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism running in test mode.

At this point, the testnet is equipped with the Essentia Blockexplorer, a tool allowing you to see all the activity within the functioning blockchain.

Don’t forget, you can already start running masternodes using test ESS coins, which can be requested from a special faucet!

We are also incredibly grateful for all the feedback and support you have provided — we are taking all your suggestions on board! All your comments will help us immensely in mainnet development, so if you want to get in touch, please do so here!

Open Code

Envisioning to add value to the blockchain community, make the development more accessible, and be as transparent as possible we made most of the Essentia code completely open source. You can always head out to our official GitHub to catch up on the progress or make use of the groundwork we have already done!

More than 32.5k Active Users

With the release of both mobile and desktop versions, we can proudly say that more than 32,000+ users have created and now are actively using the Essentia services!

We constantly receive feedback and suggestions from our community, allowing us to grow and develop the solutions the world needs. One of the ways to get to know what you think was to conduct an AMA session. It was quite a packed hour, during which we answered numerous questions regarding the masternodes, blockchain, development overall and whatnot.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for all the active support we receive daily. Thank you for being with us!

And if you have something to say, you’re always welcome to let us know in our official social media outlets listed below!

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