From now on we will be publishing the weekly report on our Medium blog in this exact post. We will be adding new updates to the top of the article so that you could quickly check up on Essentia every moment. You will also be able to find the older reports as you scroll the page.

We’re working hard to make Web 3.0 a reality for all of our 25k users. Essentia Web/Desktop version is now available thanks to our team of highly skilled professional developers. Now every Essentia user can download it from our website and see for themselves what we have been working so hard on.

Wallet for multiple currencies to enable easy transactions; dExchanges to make crypto trading incredibly more efficient; this is a part that we’ve already done. The integration of a large number of leading dApps into one convenient place — is what we’re aiming to do in the next update of the current release.


Last week was a blast! The Essentia developers and engineers continue to successfully implement further updates to ensure the best possible experience throughout the multi-platform apps.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at all the latest developments:

Mobile app:

1. Began working on a black theme.

2. Made UI/UX fixes and improvements.

3. [In progress] Implementing Delete Accounts feature.


1. Implemented new token support for the desktop application.

2. Optimized API methods in the dAppstore.

3. Created classes and helpers for supporting new Essentia blockchain features.

4. Minor bug fixes for MacOS version.

Please don’t forget to leave your feedback — it will be taken into consideration and potentially implemented!


It’s Monday again which means it’s time to take a look at the progress over another fruitful week at Essentia. This week we focused primarily on refining the Essentia mobile and desktop apps, and successfully added new functionality and fixed a number of bugs.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Mobile app:

1. Made user-interface fixes for iPhone X.

2. Implemented swipe to refresh on the Essentia wallet.

3. Worked on the addition of tokens to the ETH wallet.

4. Refactored the Essentia wallet code.


1. Added the Essentia test coin to the desktop application.

2. Released the new MacOS version with fixed bugs on the application launch.

3. Added new functionality for working with Essentia test blockchain to the Essentia bridge.

4. Optimized backend API methods for the desktop version.

5. Implemented unit tests for new modules.

Please don’t forget to leave your feedback — it will be taken into consideration and potentially implemented!


It’s a new week which means it’s time for another overview of Essentia’s weekly progress! Keep on reading to stay updated.

So, last week we:

Mobile app:

  1. Integrated the Essentia Testnet coin to the Android and iOS applications.

2. Integrated Bitcoin Cash to the Android application.

3. Fixed bugs in the Paid accounts feature.

4. Implemented the auto-adding of tokens to the wallet when importing wallet.


  1. Built new versions with the bug fixes for Linux and macOS.

2. Change the build logic in the application.

3. Added a part of modules to docker.

4. Changed the cloud architecture of the

Leave your feedback in our official Telegram channel! Also, if you have any comments regarding the Essentia testnet, you can leave them in the dedicated chat.


What a busy week it was! If you wish to stay updated with all the incoming updates and developments for all Essentia projects as we move up a gear, then keep on reading!

Mobile app:

  1. Worked on purchase confirmation.
  2. Added purchase transaction generation.
  3. Implemented Load Purchase Destination address.
  4. Added purchase user address storage.
  5. Worked on ‘Remove Wallet’ module.


  1. Implemented paid accounts feature.
  2. Database improvements, including data structure alterations.
  3. Integrated paid accounts into configuration and database.
  4. Added ESS token as a payment currency in the Essentia desktop application.
  5. Made unit tests for the new modules.

Leave your feedback on our official Telegram channel! Also, if you have any comments regarding the Essentia testnet, you can leave them in the dedicated chat.


This week we took another major step forward by integrating an extensive new range of coins on the Essentia platform! For everyone following Essentia’s rapidly advancing progress and development, here’s another weekly update touching on some of the many things we have been working on:


  1. [In progress] BitcoinCash integration.
  2. Tested the paid accounts feature.
  3. Added cache for BitcoinCash transactions.
  4. Implemented the API client for Bitcoin Cash.
  5. Prepared Bitcoin Cash and Dash release.
  6. Refactored Project dependencies.


  1. Fixed issues with desktop application installation on MacOS.
  2. Created and published new release (0.0.2) of the Essentia desktop application.
  3. Implemented new token support in the desktop application.
  4. Added functionality to migrate all user accounts and personal data to new versions.
  5. Fixed bugs in application layouts.

Leave your feedback in our official Telegram channel! Also, if you have any comments regarding the Essentia testnet, you can leave them in the dedicated chat.


Work never stops here at Essentia labs! Check out what developments were made during the last week:


  1. Finished the first implementation of the monetized accounts.
  2. Fixed a bug on tokens send screen.
  3. Refactored Essentia Bridges API to single Utxo based wallets
  4. BitcoinCash. Refactored the transaction signing.
  5. Implemented CashAddr support
  6. Fixed crash on switch accounts


  1. Created an API bridge for the Essentia coin
  2. Added templates for the essentia coin wallet to desktop application
  3. Created classes and helpers to work with ESS.
  4. Created classes and helpers to work with Essentia blockchain.
  5. Added classes and functionality for running essentia masternode from the desktop application.

Feel free to share your thoughts in our official Telegram channel! Also, if you have any feedback or comments regarding the Essentia testnet, leave them in the dedicated chat.


The last 7 days were marked by a serious milestone — the Essentia tesntet has been finally released! Keep reading if you would like to know what we were focusing on while preparing for it.

This week we:


  1. [In progress] Were implementing Dash and BitcoinCash to the wallet in Essentia iOS app.
  2. Updated source code to the Swift 5.
  3. [In progress] Were implementing Paid accounts feature.


  1. Made a static server improvement. Changed the process of cropping and resizing images.
  2. Optimized API methods in dappstore for less quantity of queries to the database.
  3. Changed authorization process in dappstore for security.
  4. Wrote unit tests to the wallet module.


  1. Released the blockchain testnet.

Feel free to share your thoughts in our official Telegram channel!


Another 7 days have passed and they were marked by many more milestones reached on our roadmap. So let’s take a look!

This week we:


  1. Added Uncompressed and Hex Private Keys support.
  2. Added TouchID support.
  3. Fixed Litecoin fee calculation.
  4. In progress: the development of a paid account feature.


  1. Static server improvement. Changed the process of cropping and resizing images.
  2. Optimized API methods in dAppstore for less quantity of queries to the database.
  3. Changed authorization process in dAppstore for security.
  4. Wrote unit tests to the wallet module.


  1. Created DNS names for bootnodes.
  2. Integrated load balancer for the servers.
  3. Implementing backup for the databases.
  4. Fixed bugs in blockexplorer UI component.

Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, or via our official Telegram channel!


Guess what time is it again? We are back to go through the latest updates made to the Essentia framework! Let’s go!

This week we:


  1. Fixed bugs during the creation of a transaction with a small fee.
  2. Implemented a feature of creating user avatars.
  3. Updated alert messages in the iOS app.
  4. In progress: the integration of the Litecoin to the wallet.


  1. Created structs for storing data in the blockchain.
  2. Created storage contracts for workers and companies.
  3. Created contracts for giving access to the data in the blockchain.
  4. Added the functionality to work with the storage contracts.


  1. Implemented socket notification about a new block in the network.
  2. Updated docker build image.
  3. Created scheme of load balancing on the servers.
  4. Created a local environment for automated testing of the blockchain nodes.

Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, or via our official Telegram channel.


It’s Monday! Time again to review the progress Essentia has made over the last week. If you want to check out all updates regarding the Mobile and Desktop apps, Blockchain and MTK, then keep on reading!


  1. Prepared the project for open source.
  2. Fixed signing bitcoin transactions.
  3. Implemented transaction sorting.
  4. Imported mnemonic feature: added “paste” functionality.


  1. Added new token support to the application.
  2. Fixed bug with import accounts and loading balances.
  3. Prepared new application version for release.


  1. Created classes and helpers to storing data on the blockchain.
  2. Created helpers for reading data from blockchain.
  3. Created classes for storing data in the database.
  4. Created a registration form.


  1. In progress: setup remote servers for running nodes.
  2. Updated repository documentation.
  3. Testing masternode rewards.

Have some feedback? Feel free to share it on our official Telegram group!


It’s Monday again and it’s time for another weekly report on what the Essentia team has been up to over the last week! As you may know, our priorities remain on developing and refining the Essentia mobile and desktop apps, along with our blockchain project for the Government of Finland — the labs are keeping busy! Here is a breakdown of our developments:


  1. Added the possibility to import account from the keystore file with a seed.
  2. Fixed wallet naming.
  3. Fixed search token flow.
  4. Released the new version.


  1. Fixed bugs with authorization from the web version.
  2. Added functionality to get wallet balances after migration from the web version.
  3. Added classes and functionality for macOS version to work better.


  1. Created helpers and classes to work with the user profile.
  2. Created API methods for user authentication.
  3. Created classes to work with blockchain more easily.


  1. Removed redundant masternode payments.
  2. Updated repository documentation.
  3. Updated docker build.

Make sure to always share your thoughts on the products we’re developing — we are always excited to receive your feedback!


Time and hard work has paid off as our vision of global blockchain adoption is becoming a reality! All the small tweaks, features, and all the bugs fixed have helped us to create an accessible gateway for decentralized technology. So, without further ado, let’s get into some of the measures we have taken this week!


  1. Started integration of Litecoin and Dash to the Essentia wallet.
  2. Updated library for iOS HDWallet. Bug fixed.
  3. Prepared a release of Essentia iOS with Jaxx and Exodus, bug fix.


  1. Added possibility to login with Jaxx.
  2. Added possibility to login with account.
  3. Created structure and classes to integrate DASH coin.
  4. Changed API bridge and added methods to work with DASH coin.
  5. Fixed conflicts with dependencies and libraries.


  1. Created the structure of errors validation for an easy display of errors in the form.
  2. Created ErrorValidation class to send custom errors.
  3. Created the structure to create and add plugins easily.
  4. Created and added plugins to parse API requests.
  5. Created middleware to check authentication status. Created and sent unauthorized (401) error class.


  1. Updated Docker for automated deploy.
  2. Tested masternodes deploy on VPS.
  3. Blockexplorer. Implemented main features, started updating the design of blockexplorer.

It’s been rather a fruitful week for the Essentia team! Do you have any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to ask us anything on our official social media outlets. See you next week!


Another week begins but the work never stopped! While we begin the development of new functionality and continue refining the Essentia apps, let’s take a look at what we achieved over the past week!


  1. Implemented feature: Login via Essentia Web, Jaxx/Exodus.
  2. Fixed wrong password handling during login, corrected error message.
  3. Added backup tokens to the database.
  4. Implemented refresh token list only if it was changed on the server.


  1. Created classes for simple adding of new ERC20 tokens with custom images and data.
  2. Created classes and wrappers for all API bridges.


  1. Created a logging system with writing logs to file.
  2. Added libraries to webpack as global.
  3. Created webpack configs (for build and dev mode), created demon to watch all changes in the project, added real-time updates.
  4. Created the validation core class to simple writing validators.
  5. Performed documenting of the existing code.


  1. Implemented RPC methods for the blockexplorer.
  2. Changed default ports.
  3. Performed testing of the nodes deployment on the remote servers.

Important milestones hit and a bunch of new ones wait ahead! Watch us move towards the decentralized world by following us on the official social media outlets!


Another week has passed and now it’s time to assess all the hard work our dedicated team achieved over the last week! Let’s get into it!


This week we:

  1. Moved all images in the app to the separate module EssResource.
  2. Moved UIKit elements to EssUI, removed all static logic from TableAdapter.
  3. Finished implementation of modules: EssStore, EssCore and EssWallet.
  4. Refactored user model, added firebase notifications.
  5. Fixed the Login screen wrong password flow.


  1. Refactored Essentia API bridge.
  2. Updated templates structure, split big templates to many little parts.
  3. Added functionality and methods to correctly show updating status and spinners.


  1. Created building functionality for the project.
  2. Setup webpack, added babel and minifier.
  3. Created API structure.
  4. Created classes and helpers for an easy API expansion.
  5. Created commands and scripts to build and run the project in production.


  1. Implemented blockexplorer: parsing block history and blocks.
  2. Fixed calculating of hash rate.
  3. Updated CI/CD of blockchain nodes.

While the European winter sets in, our engineers and tech experts continue to bunker up and enthusiastically work towards our targeted milestones for Essentia! If you have any questions regarding this update or anything else — feel free to reach us out on any of our social media channels!


It’s Monday on the calendar which means it’s time to take a look at our progress over another fruitful week at Essentia. We continue working on Desktop and Mobile development in order to make the user experience vastly more smooth and convenient. Along with that, our blockchain development remains of high priority, more details below!


This week we:

  1. Added Firebase to the project for push-notifications.
  2. Moved project from Crashlytics to Firebase analytics for both Android and iOS apps.
  3. Updated login feature. Implemented login for the web version of Essentia. Now you can connect your account from the web app to Essentia mobile.
  4. Started login implementation for Jaxx/Exodus, permitting the option to use wallets from these apps in Essentia mobile.
  5. Fixed bugs


  1. Update structure of the database. Improved the user’s table and user config.
  2. Added functionality to store all user settings and data on the remote config.


  1. Created extended classes, based on sequelize orm.
  2. Created models structure to work with the database.
  3. Created migrations and seeders environment, based on orm.
  4. Created users table, model, seeders.
  5. Rewrote environment objects to es6, implemented Babel.


  1. Started developing smart-contract for the token swap.
  2. Started developing auto-deploy of the nodes to the VPS.
  3. Started updating technical documentation.
  4. Started developing blockexplorer. Started testing RPC methods of the blockchain.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us on our official social media outlets!


It’s time for another weekly report where we run you through what work we have been laboring over the last few days! We continue to refine the Essentia mobile and desktop, and have added new functionality and fixed a number of bugs. Don’t forget to leave your feedback — it will be taken into consideration and implemented in the next updates!

Without further ado, let’s go!


This week we:

  1. Implemented tokens auto-attach feature. Creation of tokens when logging in/creating/importing the ETH wallet.
  2. Implemented refresh tokens list by date.
  3. Added custom seek bar.
  4. Fixed firebase crashes.


This week was especially fruitful for the Essentia Desktop:

1. Added the functionality to change interface language and save profile settings.

2. Added the ability to use different languages in different accounts.

3. Added the possibility to use Essentia demo accounts in the desktop version.

4. Refactored generating keystore files and login methods for the new platform.

5. Created a new generation of paths for wallets.

6. Finished creation of the config file for storing users settings.

7. Wrote a script for getting all information about tokens.

Leave your comments and questions in our official social media outlets and they won’t be left unanswered!


Another loaded week has passed which means it’s time to talk about everything the Essentia team has been working on over the last few days!


This week we focused on UI/UX improvement for the Essentia mobile application, including general workflow and basic functionality.

In particular, we:

  1. Updated the animation for screen transitions. Now screens will be changing with the same animation on all Android devices.
  2. Fixed the amount input on the receive screen.
  3. Fixed Firebase crashes.
  4. Improved start animation.
  5. Updated email sender. Info about the device will be attached to the email.
  6. Added SonarCloud to the Essentia Github to improve code quality.
  7. Worked on the Chinese translation.
  8. iOS. Divided the app to the modules: EssUI, EssResources, EssWallet, etc.


The Desktop version is becoming more defined as we continue working hard at it every week! The last 7 days were immensely fruitful at the Essentia labs as we added more key functions and corrected a couple of bugs.

This week we:

1. Added functionality to remove tokens from the account.

2. Added functionality to back up your account settings, wallets, and tokens data.

3. Added functionality to add many tokens from one modal window.

4. Fixed bugs with calculating total balance when adding a token.

5. Improved the transaction history and wallets data updating.

6. Fixed troubles with spinner and loading statuses.

If you have any questions or suggestions — please leave them in any of our social media outlets! All your comments are much appreciated and we will take them on board.


Work at the Essentia labs has never been so lively with the New Year bringing us more enthusiasm! Without further ado let’s take a look at what we were up to last week.


Last week we:

  1. Updated animation for screen transitions. Now screens will change with the same animation on all Android devices.
  2. Added autologin. Now when a user closes the app with phone’s exit button and opens it again they will remain logged in.
  3. Conducted refactoring. Implemented router and navigator pattern.
  4. Refactored app`s UI layer to single activity architecture.
  5. Updated HDWallet library with feature: UTXO-based transaction sign.


To make the Web 3.0 experience as smooth as silk, this week we:

  1. Refactored transaction history.
  2. Added individual templates for each currency wallet.
  3. Added the possibility to send transactions from modal without opening a wallet.
  4. Fixed bugs.
  5. Improved output user-friendly errors.

We are also excited to say that now users of the Essentia Desktop can begin storing their data in decentralized storages! Upload your data with the most secure storage systems in existence.

Don’t forget to leave your suggestions on any of our social media outlets, we’ll work on their implementation!


While the whole world is celebrating, we continue updating our applications! Take a minute to take a look at what developments have been done to Essentia this week!


This week we:

  1. Improved Login methods. Now you can just paste mnemonic, and not only type it in.
  2. Fixed calculation of 24h balance.
  3. Fixed the keyboard display on the Send transaction screen.
  4. Added copy wallet address functionality.
  5. Improved UI of the transaction details screen.
  6. Updated HDWallet library. Expanded the functionality of the Bitcoin module.
  7. Updated the error messages.
  8. Improved user account management. If the user account is not backed up, app does not store user info in the database.
  9. Improved UX of Add token screen.


Have you already tried using the Essentia desktop? Just link your mobile account to your computer and always have the possibility to access your cryptos from anywhere, anytime.

To make your experience as flowy as possible, this week we:

  1. Refactored the code.
  2. Changed the keys generation structure (which makes the user’s cryptocurrency data load faster).
  3. Audited the security of working with the database.
  4. Fixed bugs.
  5. Changed the structure of the user votes storage, in order to prevent multiple votes from one user.

Leave your suggestions on our social media outlets, and we’ll work on their implementation!


Today we have a lot of updates to share with you! First and foremost, this week we had two major releases — Essentia for iPhone and Desktop! We are constantly striving forward and the development never stops, so here is a look at what’s been going on at the Essentia labs


While we have been refining the iOS app, we haven’t forgotten about Essentia for Android either. This week we:

  1. Android app — Added Warning dialogs on Switch account, Logout, wallets creation functionalities.
  2. Android app — Fixed QR code scanner issues.
  3. Android app — Fixed custom keyboard crash on Android 4.4.
  4. Android app — Instated “swipe to refresh” functionality on the Wallet screen. Fixed crash.
  5. iOS — Prepared application build for the app store.
  6. iOS — Added visible option to the password screen.
  7. iOS — Added private keys encryption of imported wallets.
  8. iOS — Added items sorting in the transactions history list.
  9. iOS — Added ERC20 token transaction details.


The Essentia desktop is finally out — now you can synchronize your account across multiple platforms to manage your cryptos wherever you go!

In order to make that happen, this week we:

  1. Integrated more ERC20 tokens (now 700+ of them are available).
  2. Added the Electron auto updater.
  3. Improved the program data access security.
  4. Added the update availability checks.
  5. Added the updates notifications.
  6. Fixed the transactions history issue.
  7. Added the image service for ERC20 tokens.
  8. Changed the ways of keystore file generation for the unified access using desktop, mobile, etc.
  9. Changed the encryption algorithm using a password in order to improve security.

Don’t forget to take part in the Essentia development as well — all your comments and feedback are taken into consideration! Leave your suggestions on our social media outlets, and we’ll work on their implementation!

We have another exciting news to be announced — so stay tuned!


Though the holiday season is near, work at the Essentia labs never ceases! We’re continuously updating the Android App and this week we hit another major milestone on our roadmap — integration of Bitcoin! Now users can utilize Essentia to manage the most popular currencies in the industry (to say nothing about 700+ tokens!).

To improve the mobile app we sent for review:

  1. Added QR code scanner in the Wallet module to scan the recipient’s address at the Send screen.
  2. Updated Chinese texts. Added new translations.
  3. Covered Wallet and Settings modules logic with tests.
  4. Updated core modules. The transaction processing (creating/sending) now is faster.

The Desktop version is almost here! While we wait let’s take a look at what we were working on this week:

  1. Made the currencies adding process faster.
  2. Added an update button.
  3. Added more tokens to the wallet.
  4. Added the mobile-desktop compatibility.
  5. Updated the dAppstore content.

Are you ready for the release? It’s closer than you think! Stay tuned!


This week was full of events (as always) — the ongoing work on the desktop and mobile versions never stops! When it comes to the mobile app we’re doing our best to develop the most efficient and usable solution on the market. For that purpose, we are conducting the voting poll where we collect your feedback and suggestions on the wallet functionality — you can still let us know what you think in our official Telegram channel!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what we have been working on during the last week!


  1. Improved ERC20 token processing. Added local storage for transactions with ERC20 tokens.
  2. Disabled settings screen for tokens.
  3. Changed fields in Wallet and Currency rates from Double to BigDecimal.
  4. Added swipe action to send/receive ERC20 tokens and wallets on main wallet screen.
  5. Updated UI:

Keystore password input screen;

Edit account name screen;

Security screen;

Send/receive transaction screens;

  1. Added alert dialog before Logout from the application.
  2. Refactored internal structure of the Wallet module.

Essentia Desktop is well on track for release (soon!) and has also enjoyed a fair bit of development this week:


  1. Secured the code by implementing tests for every function.
  2. Reoriented the wallet for the modular system.
  3. Fixed dAppstore search bug.
  4. Fixed dAppstore rating display bug.
  5. Essentia blockchain wallet is under development.


While we continue preparing for the release of Essentia for iOS version release, Android users can already keep track of all the development and app updates! Our dev teams are constantly working on improving performance, fine tuning the UI/UX, and implementing new exciting features! The non-stop supportive feedback from our community helps us a lot in improving the app — this wouldn’t have been possible without it!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the Essentia team has been busy with this week:

Essentia Mobile:

  1. Added Chinese translation.
  2. Improved UI for creating new wallets.
  3. Fixed wallet screen bug.
  4. Added custom keyboard.
  5. Improved transaction info screen.
  6. Added possibility to copy info from QR code.
  7. Refactoring. Applied Kotlin synthetic.
  8. Released new build.

Essentia Desktop is also on its way! We’re putting the finishing touches on it and we hope to have an interesting announcement soon (*hint hint*)!

Here’s what the devs have been up to for the desktop version:

Essentia Desktop

  1. Updated wallet structure.
  2. Added refresh balance button.
  3. Added the possibility to change fiat currency.
  4. Refactored iOS version and wallet.
  5. Added new build for iOS.
  6. Added new pages to dAppstore, added voting mechanism for dApps.
  7. Added the possibility to comment on and rate dApps.


Not so long ago we released the mobile application for Android users, and while we are working hard to improve it, we haven’t forgotten about the desktop version either! Let’s start this week’s report with an overview of what developments were done to the Essentia Desktop!

During the last few days we have:

  1. Improved Send transaction feature.
  2. Integrated dAppStore API.
  3. Improved requests to the third-party services (
  4. Updated the Logout feature. Fixed memory clearing bug.
  5. Implemented adding Imported wallet balance to the total balance.

As we’ve already mentioned, you can already download the Android version of Essentia on Play Market (don’t forget to leave your review!). We are committed to update the application every week and keep you updated about our progress.

During this fruitful week we were working on:

  • Adding more than 700 tokens to the wallet.
  • Chinese language.
  • Creating a better UI/UX experience (like adding better quality animations) and functionality (app now starts a lot faster).
  • Adding a warning screen to Backup when you try to Log Out / Switch Account.
  • Adding a warning screen when you try to delete your wallet.
  • Implementing new navigations between screens (navigation on login related screens).
  • Adding migrations for databases.

We fixed:

  • Blockсhain Transaction View.
  • Every field can now be easily copied.
  • UI fixes.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Next week you’ll see:

  • New Coins: Bitcoin.
  • Tokens Details and Transaction Info.
  • Swipe in Wallets to Send / Receive.
  • Essentia Custom Keyboard.
  • Other minor bugs fixes.

Don’t worry, the iOS users will soon be able to try out the Essentia application for themselves! We will keep you posted on all the developments along the way!

We want to take this opportunity to thanks all of you who provided their feedback on the application! Every bug reported is now being, or was fixed — your opinion is extremely important to us. If you have anything to say about the application it would be much appreciated as every suggestion is taken into the consideration!


The arrival of the Essentia mobile app is near! Not surprisingly, we spent the majority of last week refining the Android/iOS versions. But don’t forget we still have a dedicated team working on the desktop app! Let’s take a look at what we were working on specifically:


  1. Added “Coming soon” features to Launchpad and Notifications section.
  2. Added animation to the Secure account feature.
  3. Added separate screen for Ethereum transaction info.
  4. Updated theme according to Android 23+.
  5. Updated user’s name-checking. Created rules for using special characters.
  6. Added Receive screen with QR Code and amount of input assets.


  1. Added UI components for Restore account by mnemonic, seed and keystore.
  2. Implemented showing recently used dApps.
  3. Integrated API of DApp store to the application “backend”.
  4. Updated database models: tokens, users, etc.
  5. Updated total balance calculation. Separate total balance for Ethereum wallet: coins and tokens.
  6. Updated present UI components, minor fixes.

We have designed Essentia to become a personal crypto management tool that only you own. With enhanced accessibility and efficiency, you can ensure you keep on top of your digital life.

Stay tuned for more updates shortly!

15.10.2018 -19.10.2018

Another week has passed which brings us even closer to a few major releases! As always we have a few products we need to concentrate on, this week those were the desktop version and the mobile version.

During the few last days, we’ve been working closely on the following desktop functionality:

  1. Refactored database models. Working with the database is faster now.
  2. Refactored main components in the application. Operating with users’ data is more convenient.
  3. Added restoring wallets and wallet’s settings after next login.
  4. Added Wallet name settings.
  5. Integrated
  6. Added Total balance calculating for all present wallets.

And of course, we cannot leave aside the Essentia mobile, which release is scheduled for the end of October:

  1. Refactored Switch account functionality.
  2. Added Logout feature. During Logout, all settings will be saved to the user’s config.
  3. Added Wallet UI components: send/receive, transaction info, animations, etc.


We’re continuing to prepare for a series of major releases! We can say that last week was a rather productive one for the Essentia Team. We worked closely on the Mobile and Desktop versions.

Speaking about the Desktop release here’s what we worked on:

  1. Implemented an automated update. It allows the user to update application in the future after a new version of the application is released.
  2. Improved Login/Logout functionality.
  3. Implemented Ethereum wallet including ERC20 tokens.
  4. Added Fiat currency functionality to the wallets. A user will be able to change it in the settings.
  5. Improved key pair generation using derivation paths.
  6. Added auto-generation of the wallet names.
  7. Added possibility to import wallets via private key.

As for the mobile version, the release of which is scheduled for the end of the month, we’re adding some finishing touches and already starting to test out all the added features:

  1. Updated Account settings. Added possibility to change Account name.
  2. Added animations for Password screen. They indicate the strength of the password.
  3. Added endpoints for the BitcoinCash wallet.
  4. Implemented functionality for the adding tokens for the existing wallets.
  5. Added endpoints for the third-party services (Etherscan, CoinGecko, etc).
  6. Updated Saving settings functionality.

Each week brings us closer to all the mentioned releases — and we cannot be more excited about it! Look forward to the next updates report and be in the know about what we’re focusing on.


During the last few weeks, the Essentia Team has been putting all efforts into the development of the Essentia mobile version. The release is already around the corner and we’re already doing the last touches.

During the last seven days we:

  1. Added functionality for checking Account strength.
  2. Improved backup of the keystore file. Added possibility for a user to check the place where the keystore file must be saved to.
  3. Migrated project to iOS 12.
  4. Added endpoints for Litecoin and BitcoinCash.
  5. Added the ability to get and check a list of wallets with their names, addresses, crypto balances and fiat balances.
  6. Added transaction history serialization to track only the information that a user would need.
  7. Added the ability to view account credentials (seed, mnemonic, keystore).
  8. Added the possibility to get a list of all imported accounts in one’s Essence.

Though the main attention is being paid to the mobile version, the other development niches are still active. We continue developing the Essentia blockchain and preparing it for the soon release. Also, not so much time left before the Mainnet launch, so we’re busy working on that too.

Many updates are coming so look forward to the next report!


During the last seven days, we’ve been working closely on the development of Essentia Mobile — the means with which you can access your Essentia Framework from the convenience of your smartphone (Android and iOS). We’ve been experimenting with different features, functionalities, and designs to ensure the best possible user experience.

Towards that goal, we’ve begun working on various services for Essentia’s ecosystem. We have already completed the directories functionality and with the project architecture.


  1. Updated account configuration functionality and added encryption of the private keys of an imported wallet.
  2. Updated Login and Restore features due to design changes.
  3. Added Alert screens in case of invalid private keys while importing wallets.
  4. Worked on the local storage functionality. It is possible to save user’s data to local storage.
  5. Updated the Feedback/Support screen in accordance to the new design.

More new features were added to Essentia Desktop!

New features:

1. Quicker Login/Signup

2. An easier way to backup your login methods (i.e. seed, mnemonic phrase, and keystore file)

3. Improved experience during the Account Security process (by adding achievements)

4. Switch between accounts

5. Added a “Recently used dApps” feature along with general improvements of the sidebar

The development of the first version of Essentia Mobile is almost completed — only the finishing touches are left! Soon you’ll be able to have all your crypto-life at your fingertips!


As Summer cools down in Europe, the Essentia offices heat up as we put the finishing touches on both the desktop and mobile apps along with the Finland Essentia pilot.

Did we mention that our own blockchain is almost ready to go global? We cannot wait to set it free! For blockchain specifications you can check out our dedicated post here. For further details regarding all developments under the hammer, please see our monthly update.

This weeks update will be devoted to our mobile and desktop applications. Let’s dive in!

iOS/Android version:

  1. Added functionality for creating multiple wallets: Coins and Tokens.
  2. Ability to import wallets from private key.
  3. Added backup possibilities through Mnemonics, Seeds and Keystore files.


  1. Integrated PostgreSQL as a main database and aiopg as a main framework for handling database.
  2. Integrated Alembic versioning (migrations) as tool for managing database structure.
  3. Created initial developments and REST API documentation.
  4. Implemented a performance test framework to measure the performance of request-response lifecycles.

In addition, our development team is working hard on building and perfecting the bridge and database structures.

That’s it for this week’s report. We will be back next week with another update. In the meantime, drop us a comment or question on one of our social media channels!


This month was incredibly loaded as on the 31st of August the team released the web/desktop version. During the last three month, all the major work have been made and we devoted this last week to fixing bugs, testings, and last touches to present a fully functional product to our community.

  1. Completed the full functionality of IDEX, ForkDelta, and Wallet.
  2. Completed the beta version of Essentia-web launcher on MacOS, Windows, and Ubuntu.
  3. Created the new website design.


  1. Integrated serializing for Ethereum transaction history that allows providing only useful information for the user.
  2. Improved the balance gathering speed of all user’s wallets (from 16 sec. to 2 sec.).
  3. Integrated additional code quality checkers to improve codebase.
  4. Integrated signing orders on Bitfinex to improve the security of exchange.
  5. Created Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions fee functionality to allow the users not to specify it by themselves.
  6. Fixed bugs before and during release.

We’d like to express our gratitude once more to our enthusiasts (the Essentia Enthusiasts channel with almost 300 members) who took part in the development of the Web version. In particular, they have tested all the features, helped with choosing the best UI/UX solution for the interface as well as to change and fully rebrand the Essentia product.

We hope that the number of the framework’s users will continue growing. We also would be very grateful for any feedback which you can send via social media channels or using the [Send Feedback] button in the Web version.

dAppstore and storages will be added in the next version update that will be published in the upcoming months, and all your suggestions will be taken into consideration.


The work on the Essentia Desktop version is in the full swing, as the release is closer each day. Let’s take a look at what our team has been doing during the last week:

  1. Created the Essentia-web launcher for MacOS.
  2. Created full functionality of the utility tokens: show amount, charge and refill.
  3. Worked on the initialization of the default data for many domains of the platform: tokens, fiat, and cryptocurrencies, etc.


  1. Integrated Essentia APIs wrappers to work with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum wallets with the help of Python.
  2. Added a possibility for the front-end to request supported tokens and currencies for a user.
  3. Added 24 hours currencies exchange rate change percentage.
  4. Worked on some refactoring to make it easier for developers to understand the product and contribute.

More updates will be coming next week so stay tuned!


We are under the development of the first desktop version of the Essentia Framework to state the potential of our product. Just a reminder: the first release will be available to the public soon and will contain many fully-functional modules and features we are working hard on. The last updates on the technical side are listed below.

  1. Added a function of importing wallets to Essentia with the private key only.
  2. Created the core of the Essentia utility tokens to show how the project could be monetized.
  3. Created the core of the derivation features to manipulate wallets easier.
  4. Created the core of the Trezor T.
  5. Created wrapper to user Essentia through command line interface.
  6. Created Essentia-web launcher for the Windows OS.


  1. Added the possibility to support nodes and decentralized applications without explicit ports.
  2. Added option to filter wallet balances list by wallet type to speed up web pages loading.
  3. Improved continuous integration scripts.
  4. Worked on the Essentia APIs wrappers to make work with them easier.

Step by step we are moving towards reaching our aim of creating the cohesive ecosystem of centralized and decentralized services. We realize that sky’s the limit, so we would be especially grateful for any feedback as soon as the desktop version is out. The due date is getting closer and everyone will be able to try it for themselves relatively soon.


This week, the Essentia development team continued working primarily on the web version of the Essentia framework, which is scheduled for release for the end of August. Here’s a brief technical overview of what was accomplished during the last week.

  1. Added the possibility to create unique keystore names to protect users from selecting a stranger’s keystore with the same name.
  2. Function ‘Delete wallet’ was added.
  3. Default API keys for back-end services now use initialization in order to enter the login functionality.
  4. Added the ability to get and check a list of wallets with their names, addresses, crypto balances and fiat balances.
  5. Added transaction history serialization to track only the information that a user would need.
  6. Added the possibility to login with account (keystore) name.
  7. Added the ability to view account credentials (seed, mnemonic, keystore).
  8. Added the possibility to get a list of all imported accounts in one’s Essence.


  1. Handling error messages was simplified. Error messages are now put to constants based in one place, as opposed to just using strings.
  2. Made possible to enumerate database tables and mark them with an ID (to understand their order).

We’ve also released a little Sneak Peak at how exactly Essentia desktop version together with iOS/Android apps will look like. Step by step, we’re adding more features to the framework so that our users could enjoy a fully functional product.


During the last week, the Essentia team continued working hard on the technical side of the project. The first release of the Python version is planned for the end of August, so the main focus was made on its development.

Essentia Python (main) version

The development team integrated:

1) decentralized applications such as:

  • wallets: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethreum and Cold wallets (transactions offline);
  • exchanges:;
  • stock exchanges: Idex.

2) decentralized applications, that would not be included in the first release, such as:

  • storages: IPFS, Swarm;
  • payments: OmiseGo;
  • messengers: Status.

3) local storage (database) of the user’s configurations and settings, wallets private data, preferred currency and authentication credentials.

4) core cryptography functionality for encryption and decryption to protect user’s private data.

5) scalable architecture to manipulate configurations to use several nodes and APIs for one decentralized application, testnet, and mainnet, and another user experience details.

Also, the team was working on:

6) enabling Essentia usage through command line interface, REST API and user interface (by ESS-Home).

7) Essentia usage documentation for ordinary users and developers.

In the first release decentralized applications will have such functionality:

1) Wallets functionality is the following — create and delete wallet, set name, edit name, get balance, send transaction, get transaction history.

2) will allow exchanging cryptocurrencies that are supported in Essentia (wallets).

3) With Idex users will have an opportunity to use Ethereum, and it’s tokens with the following functionality — deposit and withdraw, get balance, create buy and sell orders, accept and cancel orders, get order book and trading history, get a ticker and many other small features.

In the first release the authentication process will be the following:

Easy and fast login to Essentia will allow the user to log in and log out without any credentials needed; the user can backup the seed, keystore and mnemonic and easy login with them in the future.

In the first release the Essentia Launchpad will have the next features:

With Essentia launchpad and user interface the user can set up preferred decentralized applications, back up his private data with the seed and keystore, manipulate their currencies settings and account security strength.


Currently, the team is working hard on the technical side of the project, this being the development of the Python version (a.k.a. Main Version) and of the mobile applications (for IOS and Android). Though we are getting ready for the main version release, we are also establishing new strategic partnerships with various projects.

Login / Launchpad / Settings

* Fast Login/Sign up
* Easier way to backup
* Improved experience of Self Security with gamification
* Switch accounts
* Recently used dApps (improved our sidebar)

* Import wallet with private key
* Adding extra wallets
* Naming wallet as you wish (Mom’s portfolio)
* Synchronize your Exchanges Assets with Essentia Wallet (Displaying all tokens from exchanges)
* One click Exchange with and Bitfinex
* Receive with QR-code
* Create a request with a specific amount to receive
* Offline mode / Cold Wallet
* Customizing Transaction speed
* Send / Receive from the sidebar
* Easy ordering/naming
* Save / Upload transaction from the template (which you created before)

* Unique UI/UX design with a simple interface for all exchanges

IOS / Android
Login / Launchpad / Settings
* Fast Login / Sign up
* Easier way to backup
* Improved experience of Self Security with gamification
* Switch accounts

* Import wallet with private key
* Adding extra wallets
* Naming wallet as you wish (mom’s portfolio)
* Synchronize your Exchanges Assets with Essentia Wallet (Displaying all tokens from exchanges)
* One click Exchange with and Bitfinex
* Receive with QR-code
* Create a request with a specific amount to receive
* Offline mode / Cold Wallet
* Customizing Transaction speed
* Easy Send / Receive from the sidebar
* Easy ordering / naming
* Save / Upload transaction from the template (which you created before)
*Push notifications

*Partnerships with:
Bitforex and Crypto Capital

The development team is working hard on the code and we plan to open it on GitHub for our users as soon as the main version of the framework goes live.


Connect or Contribute

Website|Whitepaper| Telegram | Twitter| Quora | Reddit

Essentia One

Essentia is the decentralized data management framework. Forged by a set of protocols. Forming Essences. Inside them, users own their data, identity and communications, enabling new powerful interactions.

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Essentia One

Essentia is the decentralized data management framework. Forged by a set of protocols. Forming Essences. Inside them, users own their data, identity and communications, enabling new powerful interactions.

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