Weekly Updates

From now on we will be publishing the weekly report on our Medium blog in this exact post. We will be adding new updates to the top of the article so that you could quickly check up on Essentia every moment. You will also be able to find the older reports as you scroll the page.

We’re working hard to make Web 3.0 a reality for all of our 25k users. Essentia Web/Desktop version is now available thanks to our team of highly skilled professional developers. Now every Essentia user can download it from our website and see for themselves what we have been working so hard on.

Wallet for multiple currencies to enable easy transactions; dExchanges to make crypto trading incredibly more efficient; this is a part that we’ve already done. The integration of a large number of leading dApps into one convenient place — is what we’re aiming to do in the next update of the current release.


Not so long ago we released the mobile application for Android users, and while we are working hard to improve it, we haven’t forgotten about the desktop version either! Let’s start this week’s report with an overview of what developments were done to the Essentia Desktop!

During the last few days we have:

  1. Improved Send transaction feature.
  2. Integrated dAppStore API.
  3. Improved requests to the third-party services (coingecko.com).
  4. Updated the Logout feature. Fixed memory clearing bug.
  5. Implemented adding Imported wallet balance to the total balance.

As we’ve already mentioned, you can already download the Android version of Essentia on Play Market (don’t forget to leave your review!). We are committed to update the application every week and keep you updated about our progress.

During this fruitful week we were working on:

  • Adding more than 700 tokens to the wallet;
  • Chinese language;
  • Creating a better UI/UX experience (like adding better quality animations) and functionality (app now starts a lot faster);
  • Adding a warning screen to Backup when you try to Log Out / Switch Account
  • Adding a warning screen when you try to delete your wallet
  • Implementing new navigations between screens (navigation on login related screens).
  • Adding migrations for databases.

We fixed:

  • Blockсhain Transaction View
  • Every field can now be easily copied;
  • UI fixes
  • Other minor bugs fixed

Next week you’ll see:

  • New Coins: Bitcoin
  • Tokens Details and Transaction Info
  • Swipe in Wallets to Send / Receive
  • Essentia Custom Keyboard
  • Other minor bugs fixes

Don’t worry, the iOS users will soon be able to try out the Essentia application for themselves! We will keep you posted on all the developments along the way!

We want to take this opportunity to thanks all of you who provided their feedback on the application! Every bug reported is now being, or was fixed — your opinion is extremely important to us. If you have anything to say about the application it would be much appreciated as every suggestion is taken into the consideration!


The arrival of the Essentia mobile app is near! Not surprisingly, we spent the majority of last week refining the Android/iOS versions. But don’t forget we still have a dedicated team working on the desktop app! Let’s take a look at what we were working on specifically:


  1. Added “Coming soon” features to Launchpad and Notifications section.
  2. Added animation to the Secure account feature.
  3. Added separate screen for Ethereum transaction info.
  4. Updated theme according to Android 23+.
  5. Updated user’s name-checking. Created rules for using special characters.
  6. Added Receive screen with QR Code and amount of input assets.


  1. Added UI components for Restore account by mnemonic, seed and keystore.
  2. Implemented showing recently used dApps.
  3. Integrated API of DApp store to the application “backend”.
  4. Updated database models: tokens, users, etc.
  5. Updated total balance calculation. Separate total balance for Ethereum wallet: coins and tokens.
  6. Updated present UI components, minor fixes.

We have designed Essentia to become a personal crypto management tool that only you own. With enhanced accessibility and efficiency, you can ensure you keep on top of your digital life.

Stay tuned for more updates shortly!

15.10.2018 -19.10.2018

Another week has passed which brings us even closer to a few major releases! As always we have a few products we need to concentrate on, this week those were the desktop version and the mobile version.

During the few last days, we’ve been working closely on the following desktop functionality:

  1. Refactored database models. Working with the database is faster now.
  2. Refactored main components in the application. Operating with users’ data is more convenient.
  3. Added restoring wallets and wallet’s settings after next login.
  4. Added Wallet name settings.
  5. Integrated Flyp.me.
  6. Added Total balance calculating for all present wallets.

And of course, we cannot leave aside the Essentia mobile, which release is scheduled for the end of October:

  1. Refactored Switch account functionality.
  2. Added Logout feature. During Logout, all settings will be saved to the user’s config.
  3. Added Wallet UI components: send/receive, transaction info, animations, etc.


We’re continuing to prepare for a series of major releases! We can say that last week was a rather productive one for the Essentia Team. We worked closely on the Mobile and Desktop versions.

Speaking about the Desktop release here’s what we worked on:

  1. Implemented an automated update. It allows the user to update application in the future after a new version of the application is released.
  2. Improved Login/Logout functionality.
  3. Implemented Ethereum wallet including ERC20 tokens.
  4. Added Fiat currency functionality to the wallets. A user will be able to change it in the settings.
  5. Improved key pair generation using derivation paths.
  6. Added auto-generation of the wallet names.
  7. Added possibility to import wallets via private key.

As for the mobile version, the release of which is scheduled for the end of the month, we’re adding some finishing touches and already starting to test out all the added features:

  1. Updated Account settings. Added possibility to change Account name.
  2. Added animations for Password screen. They indicate the strength of the password.
  3. Added endpoints for the BitcoinCash wallet.
  4. Implemented functionality for the adding tokens for the existing wallets.
  5. Added endpoints for the third-party services (Etherscan, CoinGecko, etc).
  6. Updated Saving settings functionality.

Each week brings us closer to all the mentioned releases — and we cannot be more excited about it! Look forward to the next updates report and be in the know about what we’re focusing on.


During the last few weeks, the Essentia Team has been putting all efforts into the development of the Essentia mobile version. The release is already around the corner and we’re already doing the last touches.

During the last seven days we:

  1. Added functionality for checking Account strength.
  2. Improved backup of the keystore file. Added possibility for a user to check the place where the keystore file must be saved to.
  3. Migrated project to iOS 12.
  4. Added endpoints for Litecoin and BitcoinCash.
  5. Added the ability to get and check a list of wallets with their names, addresses, crypto balances and fiat balances.
  6. Added transaction history serialization to track only the information that a user would need.
  7. Added the ability to view account credentials (seed, mnemonic, keystore).
  8. Added the possibility to get a list of all imported accounts in one’s Essence.

Though the main attention is being paid to the mobile version, the other development niches are still active. We continue developing the Essentia blockchain and preparing it for the soon release. Also, not so much time left before the Mainnet launch, so we’re busy working on that too.

Many updates are coming so look forward to the next report!


During the last seven days, we’ve been working closely on the development of Essentia Mobile — the means with which you can access your Essentia Framework from the convenience of your smartphone (Android and iOS). We’ve been experimenting with different features, functionalities, and designs to ensure the best possible user experience.

Towards that goal, we’ve begun working on various services for Essentia’s ecosystem. We have already completed the directories functionality and with the project architecture.


  1. Updated account configuration functionality and added encryption of the private keys of an imported wallet.
  2. Updated Login and Restore features due to design changes.
  3. Added Alert screens in case of invalid private keys while importing wallets.
  4. Worked on the local storage functionality. It is possible to save user’s data to local storage.
  5. Updated the Feedback/Support screen in accordance to the new design.

More new features were added to Essentia Desktop!

New features:

1. Quicker Login/Signup

2. An easier way to backup your login methods (i.e. seed, mnemonic phrase, and keystore file)

3. Improved experience during the Account Security process (by adding achievements)

4. Switch between accounts

5. Added a “Recently used dApps” feature along with general improvements of the sidebar

The development of the first version of Essentia Mobile is almost completed — only the finishing touches are left! Soon you’ll be able to have all your crypto-life at your fingertips!


As Summer cools down in Europe, the Essentia offices heat up as we put the finishing touches on both the desktop and mobile apps along with the Finland Essentia pilot.

Did we mention that our own blockchain is almost ready to go global? We cannot wait to set it free! For blockchain specifications you can check out our dedicated post here. For further details regarding all developments under the hammer, please see our monthly update.

This weeks update will be devoted to our mobile and desktop applications. Let’s dive in!

iOS/Android version:

  1. Added functionality for creating multiple wallets: Coins and Tokens.
  2. Ability to import wallets from private key.
  3. Added backup possibilities through Mnemonics, Seeds and Keystore files.


  1. Integrated PostgreSQL as a main database and aiopg as a main framework for handling database.
  2. Integrated Alembic versioning (migrations) as tool for managing database structure.
  3. Created initial developments and REST API documentation.
  4. Implemented a performance test framework to measure the performance of request-response lifecycles.

In addition, our development team is working hard on building and perfecting the bridge and database structures.

That’s it for this week’s report. We will be back next week with another update. In the meantime, drop us a comment or question on one of our social media channels!


This month was incredibly loaded as on the 31st of August the team released the web/desktop version. During the last three month, all the major work have been made and we devoted this last week to fixing bugs, testings, and last touches to present a fully functional product to our community.

  1. Completed the full functionality of IDEX, ForkDelta, and Wallet.
  2. Completed the beta version of Essentia-web launcher on MacOS, Windows, and Ubuntu.
  3. Created the new website design.


  1. Integrated serializing for Ethereum transaction history that allows providing only useful information for the user.
  2. Improved the balance gathering speed of all user’s wallets (from 16 sec. to 2 sec.).
  3. Integrated additional code quality checkers to improve codebase.
  4. Integrated signing orders on Bitfinex to improve the security of exchange.
  5. Created Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions fee functionality to allow the users not to specify it by themselves.
  6. Fixed bugs before and during release.

We’d like to express our gratitude once more to our enthusiasts (the Essentia Enthusiasts channel with almost 300 members) who took part in the development of the Web version. In particular, they have tested all the features, helped with choosing the best UI/UX solution for the interface as well as to change and fully rebrand the Essentia product.

We hope that the number of the framework’s users will continue growing. We also would be very grateful for any feedback which you can send via social media channels or using the [Send Feedback] button in the Web version.

dAppstore and storages will be added in the next version update that will be published in the upcoming months, and all your suggestions will be taken into consideration.


The work on the Essentia Desktop version is in the full swing, as the release is closer each day. Let’s take a look at what our team has been doing during the last week:

  1. Created the Essentia-web launcher for MacOS.
  2. Created full functionality of the utility tokens: show amount, charge and refill.
  3. Worked on the initialization of the default data for many domains of the platform: tokens, fiat, and cryptocurrencies, etc.


  1. Integrated Essentia APIs wrappers to work with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum wallets with the help of Python.
  2. Added a possibility for the front-end to request supported tokens and currencies for a user.
  3. Added 24 hours currencies exchange rate change percentage.
  4. Worked on some refactoring to make it easier for developers to understand the product and contribute.

More updates will be coming next week so stay tuned!


We are under the development of the first desktop version of the Essentia Framework to state the potential of our product. Just a reminder: the first release will be available to the public soon and will contain many fully-functional modules and features we are working hard on. The last updates on the technical side are listed below.

  1. Added a function of importing wallets to Essentia with the private key only.
  2. Created the core of the Essentia utility tokens to show how the project could be monetized.
  3. Created the core of the derivation features to manipulate wallets easier.
  4. Created the core of the Trezor T.
  5. Created wrapper to user Essentia through command line interface.
  6. Created Essentia-web launcher for the Windows OS.


  1. Added the possibility to support nodes and decentralized applications without explicit ports.
  2. Added option to filter wallet balances list by wallet type to speed up web pages loading.
  3. Improved continuous integration scripts.
  4. Worked on the Essentia APIs wrappers to make work with them easier.

Step by step we are moving towards reaching our aim of creating the cohesive ecosystem of centralized and decentralized services. We realize that sky’s the limit, so we would be especially grateful for any feedback as soon as the desktop version is out. The due date is getting closer and everyone will be able to try it for themselves relatively soon.


This week, the Essentia development team continued working primarily on the web version of the Essentia framework, which is scheduled for release for the end of August. Here’s a brief technical overview of what was accomplished during the last week.

  1. Added the possibility to create unique keystore names to protect users from selecting a stranger’s keystore with the same name.
  2. Function ‘Delete wallet’ was added.
  3. Default API keys for back-end services now use initialization in order to enter the login functionality.
  4. Added the ability to get and check a list of wallets with their names, addresses, crypto balances and fiat balances.
  5. Added transaction history serialization to track only the information that a user would need.
  6. Added the possibility to login with account (keystore) name.
  7. Added the ability to view account credentials (seed, mnemonic, keystore).
  8. Added the possibility to get a list of all imported accounts in one’s Essence.


  1. Handling error messages was simplified. Error messages are now put to constants based in one place, as opposed to just using strings.
  2. Made possible to enumerate database tables and mark them with an ID (to understand their order).

We’ve also released a little Sneak Peak at how exactly Essentia desktop version together with iOS/Android apps will look like. Step by step, we’re adding more features to the framework so that our users could enjoy a fully functional product.


During the last week, the Essentia team continued working hard on the technical side of the project. The first release of the Python version is planned for the end of August, so the main focus was made on its development.

Essentia Python (main) version

The development team integrated:

1) decentralized applications such as:

  • wallets: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethreum and Cold wallets (transactions offline);
  • exchanges: Flyp.me;
  • stock exchanges: Idex.

2) decentralized applications, that would not be included in the first release, such as:

  • storages: IPFS, Swarm;
  • payments: OmiseGo;
  • messengers: Status.

3) local storage (database) of the user’s configurations and settings, wallets private data, preferred currency and authentication credentials.

4) core cryptography functionality for encryption and decryption to protect user’s private data.

5) scalable architecture to manipulate configurations to use several nodes and APIs for one decentralized application, testnet, and mainnet, and another user experience details.

Also, the team was working on:

6) enabling Essentia usage through command line interface, REST API and user interface (by ESS-Home).

7) Essentia usage documentation for ordinary users and developers.

In the first release decentralized applications will have such functionality:

1) Wallets functionality is the following — create and delete wallet, set name, edit name, get balance, send transaction, get transaction history.

2) Flyp.me will allow exchanging cryptocurrencies that are supported in Essentia (wallets).

3) With Idex users will have an opportunity to use Ethereum, and it’s tokens with the following functionality — deposit and withdraw, get balance, create buy and sell orders, accept and cancel orders, get order book and trading history, get a ticker and many other small features.

In the first release the authentication process will be the following:

Easy and fast login to Essentia will allow the user to log in and log out without any credentials needed; the user can backup the seed, keystore and mnemonic and easy login with them in the future.

In the first release the Essentia Launchpad will have the next features:

With Essentia launchpad and user interface the user can set up preferred decentralized applications, back up his private data with the seed and keystore, manipulate their currencies settings and account security strength.


Currently, the team is working hard on the technical side of the project, this being the development of the Python version (a.k.a. Main Version) and of the mobile applications (for IOS and Android). Though we are getting ready for the main version release, we are also establishing new strategic partnerships with various projects.

Login / Launchpad / Settings

* Fast Login/Sign up
* Easier way to backup
* Improved experience of Self Security with gamification
* Switch accounts
* Recently used dApps (improved our sidebar)

* Import wallet with private key
* Adding extra wallets
* Naming wallet as you wish (Mom’s portfolio)
* Synchronize your Exchanges Assets with Essentia Wallet (Displaying all tokens from exchanges)
* One click Exchange with Flyp.me and Bitfinex
* Receive with QR-code 
* Create a request with a specific amount to receive
* Offline mode / Cold Wallet
* Customizing Transaction speed
* Send / Receive from the sidebar
* Easy ordering/naming
* Save / Upload transaction from the template (which you created before)

* Unique UI/UX design with a simple interface for all exchanges

IOS / Android
Login / Launchpad / Settings
* Fast Login / Sign up
* Easier way to backup
* Improved experience of Self Security with gamification
* Switch accounts

* Import wallet with private key
* Adding extra wallets
* Naming wallet as you wish (mom’s portfolio)
* Synchronize your Exchanges Assets with Essentia Wallet (Displaying all tokens from exchanges)
* One click Exchange with Flyp.me and Bitfinex
* Receive with QR-code 
* Create a request with a specific amount to receive
* Offline mode / Cold Wallet
* Customizing Transaction speed
* Easy Send / Receive from the sidebar
* Easy ordering / naming
* Save / Upload transaction from the template (which you created before)
*Push notifications

*Partnerships with: 
Bitforex and Crypto Capital

The development team is working hard on the code and we plan to open it on GitHub for our users as soon as the main version of the framework goes live.


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