Ty Smith

Biohacker, Tech lead Uber


On this inaugural episode of the Essential Cast, I interviewed Ty Smith, a tech lead at Uber. Ty was an amazing guest to kick off the show!

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We spent the first hour discussing Ty’s experience with biohacking to prevent cardiovascular disease based on his genetic risk.

We cover fasting, keto, cold shock therapy using an ice vest, sauna, meditation, float tanks and how he tracks health vitals.

In the second hour, we dropped into a conversation on engineering leadership.

We discussed how to interview for more diversity and inclusion, sustainable leadership to promote positive work/life balance, how to separate yourself from your product, minimizing deadline anxiety, mentorship, and public speaking.

Ty has been working on Android since 2009. He is a tech lead at Uber, focusing on the external developer platform. He is a member of the Google Developer Expert program and regularly speaks at international conferences on Android. He organizes the SF Android Meetup group and Droidcon SF. He is a member of the technical advisory and investment group, Specialized Types. Prior to Uber, Ty worked on the Fabric tools at Twitter, the Evernote Android App and SDK, a messaging platform for Sprint, and Zagat for Android.

Ty is hiring a Product Manager, Backend Engineer, and Mobile Engineer — reach out at ty@tysmith.me or @tsmith


Rich Paret (Mentor)
Mekka Okereke (Mentor)
Wim Hof (Cold + Breathing)


Precision Xtra
Withings Smart Body Analyzer
Reboot Float Spa

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