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As professionals, we often hear about market trends and how we must be prepared to deal with different economic scenarios and challenges. A common practice amongst professionals interested in building a prosperous career is to analyze the job market trends with not just up to date but also historical data, from the Entry Level Programmer Salary to the highest Senior Programmer Salary.

To maximize the value we deliver to our students and clients, we are continually analyzing the market and providing relevant information so they can plan their next steps optimally. According to IT Jobs Watch, the median salary of a Junior iOS Developer in London increased from £27.5k (2017) to £30K (2018). Those are phenomenal returns for a beginner. The industry is investing heavily in new talent, as we believe they should, to fulfill the demand in the job market. On another note, if we consider the inflation rate, which went up to 2.3% in May 2018, it’s a bit concerning the fact that the Mid Level iOS Developer median salary went down from £61.2K (2017) to £60k (2018) and the Senior iOS Developer median salary went down from £72k (2017) to £70k (2018).

By analyzing historical data, the salary moving downwards is not so scary. Historically, we can see the developer salaries oscillating. The problem happens when developers cannot stand out in the market. Companies use this kind of data to determine wages, raises, and bonuses. As an example, senior developers aiming for a £72K compensation in 2018, are bound to a £70K median salary “market cap,” which can make it hard to justify the extra £2K they’re asking for (which could have been easier in 2017).

While career stagnation is a big problem for many developers, there are professionals unaffected by those market trends and their value is not bound to the market cap — just observe the top salaries in the charts and you’ll see what many can be missing out.

Check out some tips and strategies to break free from market caps and stagnation throughout your career, from an Entry Level Programmer Salary to a Senior Programmer Salary.

Measure the impact of your work

When we understand how we can direct the team to success inside the company and we have metrics to track our progress, we can develop solutions with business targets in mind, rather than just focusing on the technical side. By putting this mindset in practice, developers can learn how their work connects with everything else in the business and have a more significant chance of delivering successful solutions.

To measure the impact of our work, we must study and understand which quantifiable metrics we can use to show the company/market we are the right person for the job. Here are some examples of solutions that can make you stand out:

  • Improve the rate of adding new features on every iteration by twenty-five percent
  • Improve release estimates accuracy by ten times compared to last year
  • Increase onboarding efficiency by 20 percent to help the business scale
  • Nullify defects/regressions
  • Automate costly manual processes
  • Cut in half building and test running times

Much of the work developers produce is valuable, however, without appropriate quantifiable metrics, we can be blindly performing activities that are irrelevant or even damaging to the overall goal which can reflect in our salary compensation and bonus.

Develop soft and people skills

Even though many programmers believe their work is only about solving technical challenges, they are mostly dealing with people and solving people’s problems. If you understand how your clients think, you can provide them with better solutions. For that to happen, knowledge of psychology, marketing, economics, politics, and sales is always useful.

It is also important to show empathy towards your peers and clients, for their way of working can be very different from yours. Try to avoid technical jargons when speaking to non-technical colleagues. “Speaking the same language” is going to save plenty of time and prevent misunderstanding and stressful situations.

Develop business skills

Many problems in dysfunctional teams come from the misunderstanding of their role in the company. It is very easy to criticise an action or a decision taken by a manager or an executive, but it’s hard to put ourselves in their position and understand the reasons why. As said before, empathy is going to be very helpful in this partnership. Not only that but also expanding your knowledge to understand how the business world works and thinks.

You can share with them your thoughts and ideas. At the same time, adapt your speech to fit the situation. This communication bridge is essential to optimize the whole process. It is much easier to create value when we dedicate time to understand the purpose of the business we’re in.

Personal branding and networking

Having a strong personal brand is a great way to show your value and qualifications. There are plenty of tools and ways for you to share your work and talent. For example, a blog, portfolio, and open source projects can help you stand out.

Networking is also important. Being among other professionals gives you a chance to be up to date with the market. It also allows you to share and receive relevant information. By attending conferences, for example, you’ll meet different people and expand your professional network. A strong professional network will increase the number of potential good job opportunities. We recommend developers to build relationships where the value goes both ways. Don’t think just about receiving, but mostly giving. Empathy and integrity go a long way in the professional world.

Don’t be attached to social media noise

The internet is full of personal opinions, and unfounded claims are seen continuously.

It’s important to know how to filter the content we consume and keep in mind that there’s no definitive answer. The same problem can have different solutions. It depends on the point of view, experience and knowledge of the person who’s dealing with it. It’s up to us to decide which path we want to take. It’s up to us to expand our abilities to achieve the career we want. And remember: many developers doing meaningful work have no online presence.


We’ve experienced stagnation, and it’s not fun. We found our way out, and we’re helping others do the same. From the Entry Level Programmer Salary up to the highest Senior Programmer Salary. If you want to learn how to establish a prosperous career path and develop a competitive edge in the job market, register now and receive our free iOS Career Course!

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