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How much I made & how much I wrote

This story is heavily influenced by Ashley Nicole. She recently revealed her progress writing on Medium for a month. I read that story and loved it. I’m a sucker for numbers, so I thought I’d do the same reflection on my first two Medium months here. Let’s get into it!

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

February 2021

As I stated in a previously published story, I heard about Medium way back in 2016. But I didn’t look further into it. God, I wish I had.

I started my Medium journey in February 2021 after watching a YouTube video by Shelby Church. My first post was a small…

8 stylish, durable, and minimal white sneakers

I love a good white sneaker. It’s an essential for every men’s wardrobe. A few weeks ago, I wrote a quite popular post about my minimal basic wardrobe. A white sneaker was the first shoe on this list. But I didn’t go into detail on which sneaker to get. Let me elaborate on this here. My favorite white sneakers for spring and summer 2021.

1. Old faithful

The first sneaker is a classic. It’s been going strong for years and years and years. There’s no stopping this one. This white sneaker is one of the most stylish, simple, minimal, yet great-looking and pretty…

Publications removed from writer’s accounts

UPDATE: The issue has been resolved as far as I can tell. All publications are available for me. Thanks Medium Staff!

There’s a current issue with Medium Publications as it seems. I noticed these issues through a post by ILLUMINATION. It does however appear to affect many more publications as well. As far as I can tell it also happened with The Startup and all its publications like Curious & Geek Culture. It has probably affected many more.

Publications that haven’t been affected (at least for me) are The Post-Grad Survival Guide, The Ascent, Bettermarketing among others.

If you experience…

Add these to the 8 essential pieces

Jackets, shoes, accessories, and more

Photo by Mnz on Unsplash

In the first part of this series, we covered the 8 basic pieces that every man should own. Now, let’s build upon that and take a look at the occasional wear, functional items, and accessories that will make up the rest of your wardrobe.


I didn’t cover jackets in the first part for a specific reason. You need jackets that fit the weather and surroundings. So let’s do this!

Sunny climate

If you’re lucky to live in a warm climate, where temperatures hardly touch the freezing point, you don’t really need a plethora of jackets. A light one to throw over your…

My writing muse strikes in the weirdest moment. I am trying to recall the weirdest moments she has hit me so far. I remember lying in bed with my 4-year-old son reading his favorite book, cuddling up afterward just to wait until he sleeps. Perfect moments for the muse. A small idea, written lines. But I can’t get up until he sleeps.

The next day I’m lying in bed next to my beautiful wife. The muse hits again: a draft of a post, a vision of a future Medium story leading to fame and glory (wink, wink). And then, like a light switch, I’m out. Sleeping like a baby. The next day I can’t even remember the topic. I can’t sleep with an iPad next to me. God knows I’ve tried. But my wife made me decide: iPad or her. I chose her… for now.

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