Maneka Gandhi, Unfair&Lovely;, Women’s T20 World Cup, And Every Important Update You Need To Know

Buried underneath all that noise about politics, warfare, terrorism and the failing economy, are the women who are making news for constantly breaking down the systemic barriers that are holding them back. Although, not everyone is on the same page about what that truly means. But what we are certain of, is that our stories often get overlooked in the crowded news-space that exists to sensationalize everything.

So starting this week, we’re rounding up all the women who made headlines, made us sit up and take notice.

Madras High Court And The Child Marriage Hang-Up

Upholding the Hindu matrimony’s sanctimony, The Madras High Court reiterated, that child marriages can only be annulled after the child reaches adulthood, upon their request. No jokes to be made here, no sarcasm font to mask our anger, because child sexual abuse is too real and this law is being used by pedophiles to marry young girls for their perverted, twisted fantasies.

Minister For Women’s Affairs Believes Marital Rape Is Not A Crime, Exasperates Us.

The Minister For Women’s Affairs, Maneka Gandhi threw all of us women under the bus, in one clean sweep. She believes that poverty, illiteracy and culture means marital rape is not a problem in India. We’re confused though, do those things mean that marital rape doesn’t happen? OR does it mean that those are hinderances to teach domestic abuse victims about their rights when it comes to sexual assault within a marriage contract? What we’re not confused about, however, is that the Minister Of Women’s Affairs in here to maintain the patriarchal status quo and not to empower women.

Update: She’s going to look into Shaktimaan getting the justice he deserves, so I dunno, redeemable? (Maybe?)

Soni Sori’s Fight Isn’t Over As Yet, And You Can Help Her Too.

“Atrocities committed on tribals are reflected in my face.” Tribal activist Soni Sori returned to her home-town of Bastar, after receiving treatment for chemical attack on her face. She has implicated a police officer in the attack on her, and has vowed to fight against the injustices ’til the end. Who is Soni Sori though, and what is she fighting for? You can also join in, and add your voice to the injustices against her, with a simple postcard, here.

South-Asian Women Are Done With Whitening Creams And Are Embracing Their #UnfairAndLovely Selves.

These Sri Lankan women started an online movement #UnfairAndLovely, to stand up to shadeism against South-Asian skin tones and beauty standards. So send them your best selfies and let’s stop this big-corporation induced self-hatred once and for all.

Maria Sharapova Gets Ahead Of The Banned Substances Scandal, Still Loses Out.

Maria Sharapova confirmed having tested positive for a banned substance Meldonium, which in her defense, she had been taking for 10 years, and was only banned beginning this year. Sharapova says she missed the memo, because “All of the World Tennis Federation mails go directly in my spam folder.” She has since, dropped out of the Australian Open, faces suspension (not for the quote about spam mail we just made up), and has been let go by various brands including UN and Nike.

Women’s Protection Bill: The Pakistani Parliament Finds Itself On The Right Side Of An Argument- For Now.

Pakistan passed a historic bill protecting women against domestic violence, online harassment, emotional abuse and stalking. Religio-political parties immediately began to threaten disruption, incorrectly citing flawed interpretations of Shariah (Islamic Jurisprudence). We all had a few moments of joy, which promptly went up in flames, because Pakistani women aren’t allowed to have nice things that aren’t designer lawn. That’s a lie.

The Women’s World T20 Cup Is On, And India Is Winning.

The Women’s World T20 Cup is underway, has two women umpires for the first time ever and the Indian cricket team won their inaugural match against Bangladesh. Follow here for live streaming and updates. Also the India vs Pakistan match is on 19th March at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. So if you’re in or around Delhi, go watch this intense rivalry play out live and #BackOurGirls.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Discovers Biology Is Not The Same As AstroPhysics

@neiltyson Yeah I’m sure female cats *love* those spined cat penises. Oh and bedbugs can’t get enough traumatic insemination.
— Kyle Hill (@Sci_Phile) March 11, 2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson, every Star Trek nerds favorite imaginary scientist uncle tried his hand at biology and failed spectacularly. Prompting first, biologists to correct him, followed by trying their hand at astrophysics themselves. Because that’s how it work’s right? You master one field of science, making you a master of every science to ever science.

Brunei Celebrates National Day By Literally Letting Women Fly.

And finally, let’s end on some good news shall we? Women may not be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, but the monarchy is not as oppressive as you make it out to be. In fact, to show exactly how liberal and open-minded they are, they let the Brunei Royal Airlines piloted by an all-women crew land at their Jeddah airport. Led by Captain Sharifa Czarena Surainy, and accompanied by Senior First Officer Dk Nadiah Pg Khashiem and Senior First Officer Sariana Nordin flew flight BI081 to the Middle Eastern country on 23 February on their country’s National Day. We’d make a “these women weren’t even allowed to park the plane they landed, once it touched the ground“, but we’re sure someone’s already beaten us to it.

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