The American Government has Surrendered to COVID

There is no mobilization. There is no help coming. We are all that we have.

A graffiti stencil of a mask with the text “COVID-19.” Source: Unsplash.

A cough is an invader. It conquers your lungs with involuntary spasms; it colonizes your esophagus as it pushes out air and mucus; it forces your mouth open with heckles and fits; it finally takes over the air in the room you sit in — particularly if the…




I write to explore Black personhood, the life we have built in the shadow of full citizenship. Follow me on Twitter @Established1865.

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Hal H. Harris

Hal H. Harris

Black on both sides. Medium Writers Challenge Winner. The founder of Established in 1865. I Tweet @Established1865. E-mail is

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