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Estating, the Prop-Fin-Tech company is now up and running

Property: accessing the world’s largest asset class

Residential property is a solid asset. It offers different blends of opportunity for growth and yield, risk and reward. The metrics show that its inclusion in a balanced portfolio will improve the Sharpe ratio.

Yet as an asset class investing in property is slow, inflexible, costly and exclusive. It is virtually impossible for the vast majority of people to select the property of their choice and invest in it at will.

All of which restricts markets to buyers local to the property or the very rich. This limits the number of buyers to any one seller.

We do not think this is right and believed it was time for a change.

“Estating will unlock a broad range of attractive properties globally at fair transaction prices and for amounts that match with an investor’s financial strength. Estating works with the financial service industry as distribution channels to buyers. “

— Daniel, CCO and Co-founder of Estating

With Estating’s financial heart

We believe it is important to enable fractional access to real estate as a financial product inside the established principals of the regulated financial sector. It is critical that this new way of transacting real estate is bankable and is held to the highest rules and regulations. If we are to spread access to a wider population then it is critical that their investments are protected by this environment.

This took innovation of proven products and a deep understanding as to the way the banking sector worked. It has led to the design, build and approval of a new investment vehicle. This allows a property to be securitised and so offered in fractions of any size to suit the investor. It is this that unlocks the huge pent-up demand of a global pool of new buyers.

“Estating makes real estate a truly bankable product. Adding property picking in fractions as a new product for the financial industry and its clients, based on proven securitisation methodology strongly enhanced by technology.”

— Matthias, CEO and Co-founder

Powered by state-of the art proprietary technology

We live in an experience economy, yet investment markets seem to think they exist outside of this reality. We do not think this.

Estating’s technology provides a seamless, easy to use process for all parties involved. Cross-border barriers, language and legal complexities are all largely removed and cost of business significantly reduced. But the use of technology does not stop there, we have used it to provide a vibrant link to your investment allowing people to look, share and be part of the property they pick and the area it sits in.

“Smart technology is at the heart of our team and proposition. Combining AI, blockchain and virtual reality we have created a smooth onboarding of new properties, a frictionless transaction process, full trust in rule compliance and a compelling customer experience.”

— Vahe, CTO and Co-founder

From exclusive to inclusive

Estating combines Prop-Fin-Tech to create something new. But our ambition is bigger still.

Phase one is unquestionably focused on the qualified investor already familiar with financial instruments. This base will provide the means and the scale to expand the proposition to include landlords, property users (private and social), savers and eventually the micro-saver with $1 to invest.

“Estating will democratize real estate. Neither place of origin nor financial strength should exclude anyone from exclusive properties. It can provide a win-win-win for all parties involved and make society wealthier.”

— Martin, Chairman and Co-founder



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Estating Team

Estating Team

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