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Estating is scaling fast and invites movers and shakers to join its mission!

⚡ We are hiring! ⚡

We want to change the world by democratizing and disrupting the access to the property market and offer its advantages to all.

We will scale fast. While it begins with qualified investors, this is only the start. Estating’s goal is to create wealth for all. Extending the advantages of investing in properties to the retail saver and eventually the uninvested, wherever they are and with whatever level of investment they wish to make.

Estating’s aim is to create a wealthier society. If you have the interest and the talent to help us achieve that faster, have a down to earth attitude, like getting remarkable things done while having fun, then we would like to hear from you.

We are looking for Regional Heads of Origination (Real Estate) and Distribution (Financial Markets)

We are the first company in the world that has made a single property unit bankable. Now you can pick and invest in prime properties as part of your bankable investment portfolio in form of a certificate with an ISIN code. Our first products from Berlin, Madrid and Miami are currently distributed internationally, proving our truly global approach. With a team of currently 30 people and a successfully closed Seed funding round, we are ready to disrupt the way real estate is accessed and transferred.

We are now scaling our real estate origination and our financial instrument distribution via intermediaries in Germany (Berlin), Switzerland (Zurich), UK (London), France (Paris) and Spain (Madrid). We invite you to drive Estating’s growth as either Head of Origination or Head of Distribution in your native country.

As Head of Origination you leverage your relationships to property developers and other sellers to acquire prime real estate at attractive prices, make sure we have the right partners for successfully renting and maintaining the properties and are an active part of your regional ecosystem.

As Head of Distribution you enable first independent asset managers and brokers to successfully sell our certificates to their HNWI clients, then develop the relationship to wealth managers and institutional players. Ideally you could also cover our next phase of retail clients via financial institutions and other market players.

Do you share our vision, mission and values? Are you a true entrepreneur and have a proven track record in building regional businesses with executable industry relationships? Are you interested in joining a highly disruptive business early, become an active part of a great team, align your interest and grow it together? If you match these challenges, then here is our proposition.

Initially we will build the regional business case together with you. Then, already knowing each other better and mutually understanding the potential, we will jointly decide if we embark on this exciting journey together. We have reserved €50.000 worth in shares for you to invest from your own money at inception. We will match that with another €50.000 in shares with a four-year vesting period. The growth of company value is the key economic driver of your engagement, fully aligned with all other senior Estaters. A monthly base salary of €10.000 helps to pay the bills and a revenue share of 10% in the first four years incentivizes personal contribution to company and value growth.

Curious to know more?

If that is you, then contact our founders, and our Head of HR and become an Estater.



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Estating Team

Estating Team

Estating is on a mission to disrupt and democratise real estate. Follow recent news and stories from the Estating team.