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Estating , opening the door to premium properties

We are proud to announce the launch of Estating. This is not an announcement of an idea or intention but the launch of a business that is built, successfully tested and up and running.

Estating was founded in April 2020 by Martin, Matthias, Daniel and Vahe, a group of experienced founders and managers with a successful track record in financial markets, real estate and technology.

The founder’s start point was a simple observation. The investment market in real estate does not work. It is expensive, inflexible, exclusive and not much fun. Which means the market fails to connect the maximum number of buyers with the maximum number of sellers.

We thought this should change.

Over the last nine months the team has built a new way to access the real estate market that is unique, disruptive and highly scalable. It offers the advantage of

  • Picking the property that matches your own investment profile
  • Knowing that this choice is bankable sitting inside the regulated financial system
  • Access at whatever size of investment you choose
  • A transaction process that is frictionless and global, removing language barriers and legal complexity
  • A user-experience that is easy, fast, efficient and enjoyable be you a developer, financial advisor or investor

This proposition is a reality. The transaction process and financial product have been built. It has been successfully tested proving that it does work in small fractions, the technology is in place to deliver a fast, simple, low-cost transaction and the mobile app is available to all. We are currently offering investments in the first exclusive properties from prime developers in form of certificates through a carefully selected number of financial advisors to qualified investors. A true win-win-win situation.

It all means Estating’s phase one is working and will connect a huge number of sellers with millions of buyers. Indeed, if only 1% of those with $1m to invest, invest only 1% of their wealth it will create a $50B market.

But this is only the first step in Estating’s mission.

Our true inspiration came when we realised that this change could bring a win/win for all society. With the process built and infrastructure funded by this first target segment of qualified investors we will quickly move on to truly democratise property investment. We will build a series of products that will cover the ordinary saver, or those looking to invest-to-buy, landlords looking to develop, specific projects with social purpose and, eventually, even access for the currently uninvested.

Estating is transforming a market that has grown old and ridged, the result will be the creation of wealth and reward for all parts of society. It is a very powerful proposition, which is why it has quickly secured the first level of seed capital from Gauss Ventures and Tokentus and attracted 30 highly talented people already doing remarkable things and being part of the Estating journey.

Please join us. Download the app and start estating.



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Estating Team

Estating Team

Estating is on a mission to disrupt and democratise real estate. Follow recent news and stories from the Estating team.