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Estating will bring a world of new buyers to your door

If you are a premium property developer or a professional real estate seller in one of the world’s top prime cities then you must read on.

Estating is a new prop-fin-tech platform that will connect your supply to a huge untapped global demand for what you have to sell. And what is more, you do not need to fly anywhere, translate any documentation, adapt your proposition to different country rules or increase your cost of sale.

The key to this new pool of buyers is an innovative financial back-end. At Estating, the investment offers are created via a Luxembourg securitisation company. For each individual property there is a separate compartment of Estating Property Vault SA, which is registered as the owner in the land register. The company then issues a security with an ISIN number, which investors can subscribe to and place in their bank deposit. As a security they are easy to transfer and trade anywhere in the world — borderless real estate investment.

It makes prime properties a new, accessible and highly attractive asset. An asset that offers both rental yield and capital growth, and helps improve the risk-return ratio of an investment portfolio. Working with their financial advisor, the investor can put together their own real estate portfolio in any size across national borders without leaving the financial system. Which means that every financial advisor in the world can now be a seller of your prime property giving you access to the 50mn HNWI globally of which most have been blocked from including prime property in their securities portfolio.

But this is only the financial back-end. Estating places just as much importance on the property front-end. At the touch of a button, you will be able to automatically load your existing sales material to our digital platform. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, we will then extract and format the information to produce a detailed term sheet and, most importantly, showcase your property on our quality, high user-experience, Mobile and Web App. Properties will be vetted by a team of market experts to ensure that only the best properties make this shop window — so your property will be enhanced by the company it keeps.

And all of this at a touch of a button. The system does the work for you — no form filling or changing what you already have produced. Your property will be put on offer and once fully subscribed, the certificates will be issued, investments collected, and proceeds transferred to you.

You can choose to offer a whole project development or any number of units within it. The process is flexible and involves no fees unless your offer is sold. You will have one professional partner in Estating, simplifying and standardizing all transaction and administration.

Estating is changing the real estate market

Estating brings prime property developers and financial advisors together for the first time, opening access to some $50bn of investment capital. Estating is funded, built and working, it is just waiting to connect your properties to a world of untapped demand.

In short Estating is a B2B2C concept, connecting your business to the banking sector and on the consumer, unlocking a world of new buyers.

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