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Meet Kim and David and discover what Estating has to offer them

Meet Kim

  • Active investor
  • Middle-aged
  • Risk-taker
  • Spars with her financial advisor, however takes her own investment decisions
  • Investing to build wealth and enjoy while doing so
  • Looking for something new and exciting

Kim has been successful. She was on the board of a high-profile French venture capital firm but has now moved on to a plural career. She is a qualified investor and highly active, she likes being first into new things and takes an active role in managing her wealth. She uses financial advisors for ideas but ultimately backs her own skills to make investment decisions she believes will beat the market. She is a risk taker, but she considers her portfolio as a whole, looking for a blend of assets and the flexibility to liquidate when needed. Kim is a businesswoman.

But this is not how she fills her day. Kim has places to go, people to see, work to do and things to enjoy. She enjoys fine things and likes to share them with friends and family.

She likes the touch and feel of quality and, although she would deny it, enjoys showing them off. Not surprisingly Kim likes prime property, she lives in one in central Paris and owns another, smaller one, in New York, a legacy from when she lived there.

Estating offers exactly what Kim is looking for: a sound diversifying investment in something she understands and tangible.

It offers access to exciting real estate in the most aspirational locations around the world. Available through fractional ownership it allows Kim to invest at whatever level she wants and into multiple locations at the same time. But this is no faceless fund — Kim can follow her heart and pick the individual properties that excite her offered in an engaging experience that over time builds a dynamic connection with the location.

But Estating knows Kim’s heart will only follow her head. Prime real estate offers the chance to participate in both capital growth and rental yield, both which show strong returns and resilience over the long-term, in whatever combination that she needs. These investments are made with the surety that properties are fully vetted, correctly valued and securitized inside the regulated banking system. All available directly or in partnership with her trusted financial advisor, with the transaction closed by a simple click, without legal, country or language barriers. Frictionless and effortless, reducing time and cost.

Kim can choose properties that excite and delight, that are a sound investment, flexible to today and tomorrow’s needs, all in an effortless and engaging user experience.

Meet David

  • Passive investor
  • Middle-aged
  • Moderate risk-taker
  • Follows his financial advisor or has given him a discretionary mandate
  • Investing to sustain a bright future for his family
  • Looking for stability and diversification

David is an old friend of Kim’s, they met on their MBA course too many years ago. He loves her energy and enthusiasm but does not need to keep up. He has had a successful career rather than entrepreneurial windfalls. He is too cautious for that. He is a qualified investor but prefers to leave it to the experts.

David checks in a couple of times a year to his investments progress and to discuss any need for rebalancing. His goal is to provide for a comfortable and active ‘third act’ when he stops working and to have the ability to help his two daughters on to the property ladder. David likes talking about new ideas, but in the end takes a moderate risk position.

Right now, he is uncomfortable with what is on offer and is beginning to question what his advisor is doing for him. He would like an asset to balance his exposure to the risky stock market, but bonds and their equivalent are of little use. He is watching the proportion of his portfolio that he prefers to hold ‘safe’ being eaten into by inflation and near negative interest rates.

Estating flexibility means it can match David’s need just as well as Kim’s. By working with his financial advisor, David can pick the right properties for his profile, ones that lean more to a consistent occupation and annual yield than growth. Yet with the benefit that his Estating investment pins him to the property market and his goal of helping his daughters.

Estating helps David access the property market to a short to mid-term horizon that the cost and hassle of doing it directly in a single property prevent. But David’s ultimate reassurance is Estating’s RELINC lies inside the banking system with the protection this brings and knowledge that all properties are professionally vetted, valued, and maintained.

David will laugh when Kim shows him her beach front property on the Estating app but he will be interested. But he will only buy on detailed recommendations from his financial advisor.

And there are others

Kim and David are only the start. Our plan is to build the system through qualified investors around the globe. Once running, the same system can easily be adapted to serve other people in the market. Our business plan includes new products for Landlords, Smaller Savers, Social Developers and eventually the non-invested people with only a $1 to invest. Estating’s mission is to unlock access to investing in prime property, making it truly open to all making society wealthier.

If you want to choose your property and invest on Estating, contact us on and — if you have one — introduce us to your financial advisor. Should you not have an advisor, or your advisor does not offer you our unique product, we are happy to guide you to the ones that do.



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