Saralinvoice: record the partial payments for invoice

Recently we have just rollout saralinvoice with new elegant payment feature. Now user can record payment in invoice as soon as customer pays them.

  • To record payment you need to open invoice.
  • * Click on paid link. once you click paid you will get screen to record payment for the invoice.
  • * Tap on plus icon , fill the detail and click save. You can see payment have payment date, pay mode and note options.
  • * saralinvoice allows you to records multiple partial payments.
  • * As soon as you record payment you can see due amount or if customer pays more customer balance below total payment.
  • * In invoice detail you can see total paid by customer and balance or due amount for that specific invoice.

Saralinvoice is an android app which is suitable for small business to generate and share invoices and estimates right from mobile.