Invoice:various discount options offered by saralinvoice

Now a days in mobile era, we already have a small computer in our hand. It has very good processing power and memory too. And small to medium businesses where they are keeping their accounting and invoices in notes and bill book, keeping these records in mobile is a better way of using technology. Keeping all these points in mind Saralinvoice gives you a mobile experience to quickly generate estimates and invoices using your mobile device.

Here we are talking about various types of discount options offered by saralinvoice.

Remember that you can set these options separately for each invoice.

  • On Total

This is basic option and commonly used option. It allow discount on total amount. Let say your invoice of amount 1100.00 and you are giving 10% discount. You can set it as below.

  • Per item

This option will allow you to give discount per item. If you prefer to give per item basis discount set it in item master so that you do not have to enter in each invoice/estimate. You can also set this item wise discount within invoice also.

Once you set item wise discount you can observe discount column for each item in one row.

  • Fixed Amount

Some times you are dealing like you are giving discount in fix amount.

This is how you can set fix amount of discount.

  • None

Sometimes you are not giving discount. In this case you have to set discount option to none.

saralinvoice is a mobile experience for building and sharing your invoices.