After thousands of years, the sauna is still the best social network

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey goes to the sauna every day, but he’s missed the most important benefit.

Friendship is the key to good health

Humans have evolved as social creatures. We use friendships as a mechanism to both protect us against external threats and soothe us from internal stress.

The sauna is a social network

Bear in mind that local pubs in Britain have a similar role to the sauna in places like Estonia. I’ve lived in both countries, and also South Africa where I see the BBQ (or braai) in the same way. These are community focal points and the default way in which friends gather.

About ‘Estonian Saunas’

Thanks for reading. The Estonian Saunas blog is run by Anni and Adam, explorers and exporters of Estonian saunas.



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Adam Rang

Saunapreneur at Previously Chief Evangelist at Estonia’s e-Residency programme.