Britain is rediscovering its sauna heritage — with the help of Estonian technology

We went on a Great British sauna tour to experience it for ourselves.

The Great British sauna tour

Thanks to the easing of pandemic restrictions, my partner Anni and I grabbed our towels and hopped on a plane from Tallinn to have a little Great British sauna tour – which we documented on YouTube.

Part 1: Inside the Victorian Royal Baths in Harrogate

Fresh out of quarantine in Yorkshire, I headed to the local bath house, which also happens to be Britain’s best preserved Victorian bath house and almost entirely unchanged since the day Queen Victoria’s family would bathe here with nobility from across Europe.

Part 2: What the Romans never did for us

Next, some Romano-British bathing history.

Part 3: Beach Box Spa in Brighton

Anni arrived in Britain later than me but, once she was out of quarantine, we travelled back down to Sussex — this time to the ‘home of watering places’, Brighton.

Part 4: Heartwood Saunas in Wales

Britain doesn’t just build saunas. It’s also now exporting them. And leading this is Heartwood Saunas, the luxury sauna builder based at the top of a mountain in Wales and surrounded by lush forest. More than a few of couriers have got lost while delivering Estonian HUUM stoves and control systems there. Fortunately, we managed to find it so we could see how their saunas are built and try one for ourselves.

Part 5: …to be continued.

We’re back home in Estonia but we’re going to create one more episode remotely later this year.

Join us at the World Sauna Race next year in Tallinn

If you‘re a fan of saunas, you might also be interested in the World Sauna Race, which we’re hosting next year in Tallinn. I’ll be honest, it’s not really a race. It’s a fun orienteering game in which you’ll get to try a wide variety of weird and wonderful saunas in a single day.

Thanks for reading

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We export Estonian sauna design, technology, & traditions.

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