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Estonia’s XII European Sauna Marathon won’t take place this winter

..But it will (hopefully) return better than ever in 2022.

Adam Rang
Adam Rang
Nov 19 · 2 min read
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In news that should surprise no one, Estonia’s winter capital of Otepää has announced that it is postponing the next European Sauna Marathon until 2022 due to the pandemic.

Jorma Riivald, Director of Otepää Cultural Centre and one of the main organisers, said: “It’s important to us that the event is safe for sauna owners, participants and organisers. The European Sauna Marathon is an event to be enjoyed, but unfortunately right now we cannot sufficiently reduce the risks that may endanger the health of people involved.”

He added however that they would instead use their extra time this year to plan for an even better celebration the following year (hopefully when we can also celebrate the end of the pandemic).

“I promise that, if possible, the European Sauna Marathon will return to Otepää in 2022, even more adventurous and exciting than ever before,” he said. “We are working to make sure that the Sauna Marathon offers something cool and new to the participants every time.”

The European Sauna Marathon has been held every year in Otepää for the past 11 years as a fun way to introduce more people to the region and celebrate its sauna heritage. We were among the sponsors last year and also took our ZiL-131 SAUN, our sauna inside a Soviet Army truck that formed part of the course. Here’s the video we made about it:

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