Adam Rang
Adam Rang
Jun 14 · 3 min read

Ex-NASA engineer Janne Käpylehto made headlines last year when he sailed from Helsinki to Tallinn inside a sauna raft that he built himself.

We even organised our own Estonian sauna welcome party for him and his crew when they arrived in Tallinn:

He’s now planning another trip from Helsinki to Tallinn, which will start at 8am on Monday 17 June 2019 (weather permitting). This time though he will be returning in a wood-fired hot tub craft, along with his crew members Ville Haapasalo and Captain Antti Linnanvirta.

A wood-fired hot tub is known as tünnisaun in Estonian, which literally means ‘barrel sauna’.

They are able to navigate the craft from inside the hot tub and also plan to fish along the way. Here’s a video that shows the craft in action:

The journey last time took 15 hours, which was a little longer than expected. That’s why the welcome party pictures above were taken late at night after we had all enjoyed a long sauna session while waiting for him on the shoreline.

This time, they say that the journey will take ten hours thanks to a new engine that will propel them to their landing point in Tallinn at Pirita Marina Hotel and Spa where they are inviting anyone to join their welcome party at 1900.

Janne Käpylehto is also famous for creating ‘ice carousels’ in which a large circle is cut into a frozen river, lake or sea then spun by motor — sometimes with a sauna in the centre.

About ‘Estonian Saunas’

Thanks for reading. The Estonian Saunas blog is run by Anni and Adam, explorers and exporters of Estonian saunas.

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Together, we love finding weird and wonderful saunas all over Estonia and telling the world about them. Check out our plan to make 100 Estonian saunas more famous around the world.

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Estonian Saunas

We explore and export Estonian saunas.

Adam Rang

Written by

Adam Rang

The only person to start a company in a sauna and vote in a national election while submerged in ice water.

Estonian Saunas

We explore and export Estonian saunas.

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