Here’s the schedule for the XII European Sauna Marathon in Otepää & Tõrva

It’ll be a two day event for the first time.

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The long-awaited European Sauna Marathon will take place in Otepää again this month.

This time, however, the sauna marathon is two days long — with a “warm up” event in Tõrva on Friday 17 February before the main competition starts at Otepää Central Square at noon on Saturday 18 February.

During the warm-up, sauna competitors can get accustomed with a variety of saunas in the Tõrva region to prepare themselves for the big day. By taking part in the warm up, competing teams also receive extra points that they take with them into the main sauna marathon competition in Otepää on 18 February.


17 February 2023 in Tõrva

16.30–17.50: Registration on site at Tõrva Keskvälkaku
18.00: Race begins at Tõrva Central Square
18.00–22.00: Visit to the saunas
21.00–23.00: Wrap up and party in Tõrva Veemõnula with sauna rituals

18 February 2023 in Otepää

Registration is open from 8.30am to 11.30am in the Otepää Sports Hall (Mäe 23, behind Otepää Gymnasium). Teams receive wristbands, a sticker for their car, a chip, and team members sign confirmation sheets.

From 11.00am to 2.00pm, an entrepreneurs fair will be held at Otepää Central Square.

At 12.00 noon, the main race starts at Otepää Central Square, according to the starting order given at registration.

The finish line is open from 15.00 to 18.00 at the Otepää Sports Hall. When teams reach the finish line, they can grab a bowl of soup in the gymnasium canteen with their wristband. It is also possible to take a shower and change clothes.

The official afterparty of the European Sauna Marathon is in Otepää at 18:00. At 7:00 p.m., the award ceremony will take place in the main hall of the Otepää Sports Hall. The buffet will also be open. After the awards, DJ Andi Raig will take to the stage and the party will continue until midnight! Entrance to the sauna marathon afterparty with a wristband is free, while everyone else spectating can buy a ticket for 5 euros, which must be paid in cash on the night.

Useful info

The main prize at the European Sauna Marathon Otepää is a hot tub by Lemmik Mees OÜ. In addition, a number of special prizes will be awarded. As in previous years, participants will choose their favourite sauna and sauna owners will choose their favourite teams. In the evening, there will be a fun afterparty where everyone is invited to dance away the night to DJ Andi Raig, together with other sauna marathon competitors and sauna owners.

“As befits a sports competition, spectators can also join the sauna marathoners. In Otepää, you can join us on 18 February 18 at 12 o’clock noon in the central square where the race starts. In the evening, we are waiting for everyone at the Otepää Sports Hall for the afterparty. In Tõrva, spectators will also be warmly welcomed at the warm-up race,” said Ago Arro, the main organiser of the sauna marathon and sports councilor of Otepää municipality. “Nearly 20 saunas await the sauna marathoners this year.”

The European sauna marathon in Otepää is a fun orienteering game between saunas where you have to visit as many saunas as possible in the given time, which are marked on a map. The team consists of four members, one of whom will need to drive a car.

The XII European Sauna Marathon in Otepää is organized by: Otepää municipality, Tõrva municipality, Otepää Cultural Centers, sauna owners with their committee, and volunteers. The cooperation partners of the sauna marathon are winter radio Sky Plus, Tõrva Veemõnula, Kanal 2 — Reporter, Aasta Auto — Škoda representative office in Tartu, and

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