Join our sauna in Tallinn to welcome the first person to cross the sea in a sauna

Finnish inventor Janne Käpylehto will arrive into Seaplane Harbour Marina on Estonia’s Day of Restoration of Independence.

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Google Maps still does not yet provide estimates for travelling by sauna.

For the past few weeks, Janne Käpylehto has been monitoring weather forecasts for the Gulf of Finland to find the right opportunity to set sail to Estonia — in his sauna.

Janne is an ex-NASA engineer and serial inventor who has built his own solar-powered sauna (with a wood-fired stove) for the task. The voyage will make sauna history, but Janne also wants to use the voyage to help celebrate the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia.

He’s now ready to make his voyage on Monday 20 August so that he can arrive into Tallinn on Estonia’s Day of Restoration of Independence — and everyone is invited to join Janne for a sauna in the evening when he arrives.

Seaplane Harbour Marina, which is part of Estonia’s most popular museum, has generously agreed to provide a berth for Janne’s sauna, as well as the use of their sauna facilities at the edge of the dock to host the welcome sauna. Attendees will also be able to use Janne’s sauna, although space will be limited.

Also, huge thank you to Merchant House Hotel — the beautiful, historic hotel in Tallinn that has sponsored the accommodation for Janne and his two crew members.

Estonian craft beer company Tanker is also joining the celebration. They’ll be bringing a keg of their birch-infused Sauna Session ale, to serve to Janne and everyone else on the dockside.

If you are in Tallinn and would also like to join the celebration, you can sign up on Facebook here:

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