Save the date: Estonia’s next ‘European Sauna Marathon’ is 15 Feb 2020

Tickets are expected to sell out fast.

Adam Rang
Adam Rang
Dec 6, 2019 · 5 min read
A competitor at the European Sauna Marathon 2019, photographed by Adam Illingworth.

The Estonian town of Otepää has been chosen to host the next European Sauna Marathon.

Actually, it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Despite the name of the competition, Otepää is the only place in Europe that’s crazy enough to host this event every single year. We even make that same joke every year.

The organisers at Otepää Municipality and their Otepää Cultural Centre have just announced that it will next take place on Saturday 15 February 2020 (a little later than usual) and that tickets will be on sale in January. For now, you can click ‘going’ on Facebook here.

Last year’s event was the tenth anniversary — and the most international yet. Tickets sold out at record speed as the event attracted almost 1,000 people from Estonia and around the world, including the BBC and Reuters who both filmed video reports, and also teams representing countries as far as Mexico and the US.

The BBC Travel Show attended last year’s European Sauna Marathon.

Despite the enormous demand to take part, the organisers want to preserve what makes the event special and don’t want the saunas to be overcrowded so they won’t be increasing the number of tickets available. If you want to attend, you’ll need to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale.

Wait… what on earth is a sauna marathon anyway?

The sauna marathon is not to be confused with sauna events elsewhere (since banned) where competitors have to endure high temperatures for as long as possible, which is just stupid. The main point here is just to see as many saunas as possible and make friends along the way. If you want to enjoy the saunas properly (and hopefully this event inspires you to do so) then you’ll need to come back.

Here’s how it works.

You need a team of up to four people and a car. In the morning, you’ll get given a map of the area with a list of saunas that you have to visit. Teams then set off from noon to track down and visit all the saunas. Start times are staggered because there are so many people taking part.

The dress code is rather relaxed.

You need to spend at least three minutes in each leiliruum (sauna hot room), which you’ll need to record by checking in and out.

And you can get time deducted when at least one team member goes in each ice hole.

..And also if all team members go in a tünnisaun (hot tub).

You will see a lot of weird and wonful saunas along the way from an old Estonian smoke sauna to the best of contemporary Estonian sauna design. Last year’s event also included a local pub where you have to run half naked past locals enjoying their lunch, a Soviet army truck converted into a sauna, and several tent saunas including one operated by Estonia’s Disaster Relief Team.

There is then a big party at the end where prizes are awarded for things like best costumes, but winners for those who complete the race are mostly selected randomly. If you think that’s unfair then you are taking all this way too seriously.

The real competition is actually between the saunas themselves though because competitors have to vote for their favourites who then get given plaques they can hang up outside the sauna.

Bribery is perfectly acceptable so the sauna owners will offer entertainment, food and drink along the way in order to win your votes.

Last year’s winner had excellent smoked pork.

Every year though, the biggest winner is Otepää itself. The real purpose of the race is to bring the local community together and raise awareness beyond Otepää about why people should visit our winter capital and enjoy the saunas — although perhaps at a more leisurely pace.

For more inspiration, here’s our report from last year’s event:

All photos in this article were taken at last year’s event by Adam Illingworth.

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Estonian Saunas

We explore and export Estonian saunas.

Adam Rang

Written by

Adam Rang

Explorer & exporter of Estonian saunas. Previously Chief Evangelist at Estonia’s e-Residency programme.

Estonian Saunas

We explore and export Estonian saunas.

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