Video: Jõe Puhketalu combines Estonian & American sauna traditions

This little village in Pärnumaa has two very special saunas.

Adam Rang
Adam Rang
Feb 9 · 3 min read

Anni and I are on a mission to explore the weirdest and most wonderful saunas around Estonia. This time, that mission has taken us to Jõe Puhketalu in Pärnumaa.

That’s where we met Rauno and Kristina. Alongside the Massu jõgi (river), they’ve created a very unique little village that has two very special saunas.

Inspired by the sweat bathing tradition of Plains Indians from the Great Plains of America, they experimented by building their own Tipi sauna three years ago that fuses together both Native American and Estonian sauna design and traditions.

It worked so well that Rauno and Kristina then decided to build even more tipis in order to provide accommodation too. Each one has it’s own wood-burning stove inside.

After that, they decided to build another sauna — although this one in a uniquely Estonian style. It’s a two-story wooden tower that looks out over the rest of the village.

Construction has just been completed so they invited us to try it out. We weren’t disappointed.

Here’s our full report:

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Estonian Saunas

We explore Estonian sauna design, technology, & traditions.

Adam Rang

Written by

Adam Rang

Explorer & exporter of Estonian saunas. Previously Chief Evangelist at Estonia’s e-Residency programme.

Estonian Saunas

We explore Estonian sauna design, technology, & traditions.

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