BigCommerce or Shopify?

James Keith
Oct 7, 2016 · 2 min read
bigcommerce vs shopify
bigcommerce vs shopify
Difference: BigCommerce or Shopify

Spending huge slots of time and effort on building an Estore using one of the eCommerce software later realizing it should have been some other software for the build is not quite happy. Here we make an attempt to bring out a comparison between Shopify store and BigCommerce store in intent to give you a fair idea of how to make a choice for building your online store!

BigCommerce Vs Shopify:

1) Themes:

Having great physical looks is important, be it for store online or physical so is it for an eCommerce store. Some people even this day have the thought that the pleasure of going to the shop to make a purchase can never be overridden by online shopping, the main reason being the confidence that they fail to get on seeing a store on the web. So it’s the smartness of businesses to display their products at the best online.

  • Shopify:
  • Trendy themes by independent professional web designers, the amalgamation of most current styles due to the variation brought in by various designers, free themes available, paid themes too included, pricey yet worthy premium themes, improves store credibility, 12 free themes, 42 paid themes between $100 and $180. Continue Reading…

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