This is What Happened When I Called Out for Cannabis

Safon Floyd — Boulder, CO, 2017.

I manifested this. Before I even realized what I was doing I boldly called out to the universe letting it know that the cannabis industry is where I wanted to be and as a disruptive entrepreneur is how I wanted to get here.

I placed this call-out on a vision board, created in January 2016, where I proclaimed it would be a time when I would “strengthen my cannabusiness”. According to the same vision board, this would also be the time when I would lead by example, focus on content, build and take things to the next level.

Fast forward to February 2017 when 2 of my esteemed colleagues, Sirita Wright, Kali Wilder, and I, are accepted, as co-founders, into the leading cannabis business accelerator in the country, Canopy Boulder, for the sole purpose of strengthening our business — -EstroHaze, a media company hell-bent on highlighting cannabis business and lifestyle resources for women of color.

My role in EstroHaze — Chief Content Officer hell-bent on creating and curating engaging content for thriving and interested minority women in cannabis, all so we may embark on the next level — vision board mission accomplished.

It’s scary, really, how responsive the universe is. I asked, repeatedly, for the alignment of my passion and my purpose. I asked to wake up, every day, inspired to give what I had to what I wanted, from wherever I wanted to be. I asked to grow, having been stagnant for too long. I asked for the pushing of my limits — to get to know the version of myself that stood on the other side of the mundane, the undisciplined, the uninspired. All asks have since been answered.

Though it seems this happened all at once, the trajectory of this calling had long been set into motion. It could’ve all started years ago when the 3 of us began working for the same media company in mid-level roles that we carry chief titles for now.

It could’ve been that first unifying toke we shared when we realized we had more in common than an employer.

Maybe it was the moment when we found our conversations entertaining enough to press record, thus creating our podcast, the initial brainchild of EstroHaze.

Perhaps it was when our frustrations at work simultaneously reached its limits and we collectively set a deadline (Q1, 2017) for packing our shit and rolling out.

Not entirely sure, but there was definitely a moment when the universe decided that space and time were on our side and catapulted us before we could decide otherwise.

This brings us to now. Now, we put on our game faces, here in Boulder, Colorado for the next 16 weeks, with a cohort of 9 other canna-businesses, and we compete for capital to fund our visions.

We pitch til we’re blue in the face and begin to throw around words like pro-forma — ones we’d never heard prior to touching down. We become sponges. We take copious notes, ask hundreds of questions, and barely blink as to not miss a moment. We put together a team of knowers and doers and we encourage them to flex their genius. We gain traction. We scale our business. We take the coveted seat at the table.

We meditate every morning to maintain the fluidity in conversations between us and the universe. We trust, we build, we project, and we acquire.

Now, we stand face to face with destiny, look her dead in the eye, fire up a spliff and ask “which way is winning?”

Now, we head to the top.

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