Quarter-Life Crisis, Is That Even a Thing?

That’s what I thought when I read about it some time ago from other people’s blog. Yet here I am in the middle of the night thinking where should I go next, have I done anything good, if I die tomorrow, what will people say in the eulogy?

Sad. And a bit depressing, honestly.

I have always been one of the bests in my neighbourhood, which means I’m always surrounded by great people. Now, those great people have evolved even further and become untouchable by me. I have no money nor power to face them.

So yeah, it makes me think, where did I get lost?

Regrets then come pouring down.

I have plans. Yet nothing seems good enough.

One step at a time, I tried to tell myself, but I am so impatient. I feel the rage inside me has nowhere to go but destroying my very core.

But worry not, I believe things will turn out just fine. I just need to be more patient and put the puzzle pieces in their places.

Have you ever experience quarter-life crisis like me? Are you facing it now?

Originally published at www.esviai.com on October 26, 2016.


If neutrino was a woman …

Shabrina Virta Inmas

Written by

I am a realistically romantic person, although I believe that realistic and romantic shouldn’t be put together in a sentence.



If neutrino was a woman …

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