$1500 Ethereum Classic Gitcoin Bounties

Stevan Lohja
Oct 30 · 1 min read

The Web3 World Gitcoin Hackathon ends November 11 and ETC Labs is funding 2 bounties worth $1500 of ETC!

The bounties

About the bounties

  • Wrapped ETC bounty: ETC is not a ERC-20/ERC-777 compliant token. This limits its utility when dApps try and transfer value against a common token interface. The goal here is to produce a standard contract, that can be deployed to ETC that will support depositing ETC and extracting WETC to be used as a token in a smart contract. We suggest ERC-777 over ERC-20 because ERC-777 is a new token standard that is also backward compatible with ERC-20 tokens. This would also position us well for a lot of DEX protocols that rely solely on tokens.
  • Multi-Geth Builds ARM Releases bounty: Currently, Geth builds ARM processor releases and we do not. This is somewhat limiting because it is useful for a developer to be able to deploy ARM builds directly to ARM devices. This would improve our stance for IoT device support. I believe this to not be a terribly complicated problem.


Stevan Lohja

Written by

Technology Coordinator at ETC Core. Previously Tech Writer at ETCDEV.



A leading Ethereum Classic core development team.

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