ETC Core 2020 Roadmap Announcement 🎉

Stevan Lohja
Mar 2, 2020 · 6 min read


The ETC Core development team is pleased to announce our 2020 roadmap! Our 2019 deliverables were a strong focus on original infrastructure projects to help streamline our software development process with high-quality standardization and automation as well as tools specifically for building on EVM.

EVM/ Compiler Team

  • Implementation: Global stack allocation and performance optimizations
  • Implementation: Instruction scheduler and performance optimizations
  • (Community-driven) new smart contract language support and integrations
  • Implementation: Embedded assembly and exception handling
  • Continuous community development, new language support
  • Continuous implementation on optimizations and debugging
  • Continuous EVM runtime support

Tooling Team

The tooling team is represented by Zachary Belford, Shane Jonas, and Zane Star while co-lead by Zach & Shane.

  • Getting started
  • API documentation
  • updates: Expedition is an open-source explorer for the EthereumStack supporting Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and related testnets. Hitting as high as 1 million API calls, we want to ensure this explorer is as usable as possible while providing a good experience to multiple EVM communities.
  • Signatory Desktop: Will be an open-source desktop application utilizing the Signatory module with a simple and easily customizable material-ui interface for users to sign messages and transactions on the EthereumStack.
  • Smart contract deploy tool: We want to make an open-source minimal tool to deploy chaincode to any EVM-based network. This project is undergoing planning and we’ll have more clear updates throughout the coming months.
  • Sit down with us: Is your blockchain network or traditional software solution utilizing JSON-RPC? Well, we’d love to sit down with you and see how OpenRPC can be of value. Let’s take your JSON-RPC-based service to documentation driven JSON-RPC API with all the side-kick OpenRPC tools to help you!
  • More community events: Stay tuned for webinars, meetups, and more publicly accessible events to engage with us and learn more about Ethereum Classic and our open-source projects.
  • Continuous documentation releases: We’re committed to documentation driven projects and readability. We’ll continue to produce documentation, educational material, and instructions for the broader community to contribute.

Protocol Provider Team

The protocol provider team is led by Meowbits. ETC Core, is now maintaining the new Core-Geth client which will be a differentiating version of the Multi-Geth client. We maintained Multi-Geth for that past year implementing OpenRPC, fork preparedness, and bringing the client to a point of no longer being a near direct copy of upstream branches. However, we’re excited to continue innovating the Core-Geth client and ensuring a sustainable client for ETC node operators.
  • Istanbul equivalent (ie Aztlan/Phoenix fork) fork specification process, evaluation, implementation, and testing.
  • ETC cross-client fork tests filled and passing
  • Test network (Mordor, Kotti) management and maintenance.
  • eth/64 ETC protocol specification anticipated to reach `Final` status
  • eth/65 protocol to be implemented by etclabscore/core-geth enabling lower-bandwidth transaction pool messaging
  • ECIP1043 DAG Limit implementation and possible push for Acceptance
  • ETC Discv4 DNS Discovery mechanisms (infrastructure: schedule and maintain automatic DNS records via crawler, docs: provide automatically updated node lists reflecting the DNS records)
  • etclabscore/core-geth Chain Configuration JSON-RPC API
  • etclabscore/core-geth Infrastructure and CI integrations: Docker images and releases at least
  • etclabscore/core-geth discv4 DNS Discovery lists (infrastructure) and provider support
  • SHA3 consensus algo research review
  • Move ETC discv4 DNS records from ->
  • Buildtime/Runtime JSON-RPC API discovery for ethereum/go-ethereum/rpc, enabling code -> descriptive document generation (supplementing the existing opposite pattern).
  • EVM Account Versioning /+ Versionless EVM and Ungas research and implementations.
  • JSON-RPC devp2p Wire protocol specification and reference implementation research and possible design

EVM61 Podcast

  • We launched the EVM61 Podcast brought to you by ETC Core and ETC Labs which is hosted on our YouTube channel and Soundcloud. This podcast will focus on general ETC news, projects, interviews, blockchain developments, and overall EthereumStack. If you’d like to come on the show and talk about your project or dive deep into blockchain topics, then please fill out the get on the show form.
  • WATCH: EVM61 #2 — James Wo
  • WATCH: EVM61 #1 — ETC Updates

About ETC Core

ETC Core is a leading Ethereum Classic core development team. We deliver infrastructure tooling, specifications, and resources to the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. We strongly believe in high-quality software, readability, and cross-chain compatibility. We maintain the Core-Geth client and actively participate in protocol research, upgrades, and events. We maintain the EVM-LLVM backend project and committed to maximizing EVM capabilities and innovating smart contract development. Check out our projects:

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ETC Core

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