ETC Core — Quarterly Development Review Q4, 2019

Stevan Lohja
Jan 21 · 4 min read


Congratulations to ETC for a successful Agharta hard-fork! We’re happy to have participated in client readiness and championing the adoption of the upgrade. Q4 was focused a lot on improving infrastructure tooling with new features and enhancements as well as hard-fork readiness.

Client team


ETC Core is committed to the maintenance and support for Multi-Geth since our team launched in January of 2019. Multi-Geth is a swiss-army-knife client allowing users to run Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and related testnets. Multi-Geth can be easily managed using Jade service runner or it’s app alternative, Jade Desktop.

  • Added Agharta hard-fork support
  • Added Mordor testnet chain support
  • OpenRPC maintenance

Geth-Classic reaches end-of-life

Geth-Classic has served the immutable fortress since the DAO hard-fork and made its last stand for the Agharta hard-fork. This client will no longer be maintained. If you’re running a Geth-Classic client, please migrate to Multi-Geth, Parity Ethereum, or Hyperledger Besu as soon as possible. Doing so ensures you’re running a maintained client and keep-up with future network upgrades.

EVM/ Compiler team


The EVM-LLVM project is bringing LLVM infrastructure to the EthereumStack. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of this project read here.

  • Progress on EVM-LLVM backend nearing Alpha release.
  • Collaborated with Second State to prepare for delivering Solidity support.

Tooling Team


The OpenRPC Specification defines a standard, programming language-agnostic interface description for JSON-RPC 2.0 APIs.

OpenRPC Specification

  • Releases v1.2.2–1.2.4 focused on bug fixes and maintenance.


  • Releases v1.2.2–1.2.3 focused maintenance.

OpenRPC Playground

A browser IDE to build documentation driven JSON-RPC APIs following the OpenRPC Spec. Allows developers to write, visualize, and test OpenRPC APIs.

  • Releases v1.3.4–1.3.5 focused on maintenance.

OpenRPC Inspector

OpenRPC Inspector is a simple tool to create, modify and execute JSON-RPC requests.

  • Releases v1.1.0–1.2.7 focused on bug fixes, UI/ UX improvements.
  • Improved UI/ UX: Users had to click an in-line icon to edit each individual line. Now developers can fluidly type their JSON-RPC syntax.

Expedition 🧭

The Expedition explorer is a minimal open-source EthereumStack explorer for Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and related testnets.

  • Releases v1.2.0–1.7.0 focused on bug fixes, maintenance, and new features.
  • Added Top Miner stats.
  • Added gas usage meter.
  • Added Mordor testnet chain support.
  • Added view raw for blocks and transactions
  • Added pagination for block and address history

Eserialize 🥣

Eseialize is an online tool and can be used as a module to deserialize data for the EthereumStack.

  • Initial tool release and releases v1.0.0–1.0.2.


Jade is an awesome JSON-RPC service manager that provides demonization, installation, and discovery for JSON-RPC based services. Jade currently supports Multi-Geth allowing users to easily manage an Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, or related testnet.

  • Bumped Multi-Geth for Agharta hard-fork support.
  • Releases v1.5.0–1.8.0 focused on bug fixes and enhancements.

Jade Desktop

Jade Desktop bundles the Jade service manager into an easy to use Desktop application.

  • Releases v1.1.1–1.1.2 focused on enhancements and bumping Jade service manager.

❔Coming soon

We’ve made progress on a new tool that is yet to be announced.

Bounties 💰

We posted 2 completed bounties on Gitcoin for Multi-geth and Wrapped-ETC that were fulfilled with ETC. Shout out to the submissions!


We’ve recently changed our brand from ETC Labs Core to ETC Core. Here is where to follow us:

Other Updates

Our team is attending ETH Denver. Come say hello!

ETC Core in the Media


A leading Ethereum Classic core development team.

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A leading Ethereum Classic core development team.

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