Disturbingly Honest

Two words used together to describe King Iso.

Keith R. Higgons
etc. Magazine


Episode 701

King Iso is a blazing comet of pure, unadulterated expression in the hip-hop cosmos. His songs are a raw, unvarnished blitzkrieg about the demons of mental health, personal hellholes, and the hard-won victories that make life worth the brawl.

Listening to King Iso’s work is like ripping open the man’s chest and staring straight into his beating heart.

King Iso (photo subject to copyright)

Iso’s life’s been no picnic; it’s a saga scribbled with the ink of mental health battles, the kind that drags you through treatments, memory blackouts, and the sterile halls of hospitals till you forget what the sun looks like.

But amid this maelstrom, the guy found a lifeline in music. The rhythms and rhymes became his escape hatch, a way to break free from the chains clamped down on his psyche, propelling him toward some semblance of sanity and salvation.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Iso took that label ‘Iso,’ a tag slapped on him during his stints in solitary. He flipped it on its head, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out exactly what Iso means.