ETC Cooperative Transparency Report July — August 2021

The Ethereum Classic Cooperative (ETC Coop) published its transparency report for the months of July and August.

The ETC Cooperative is committed to maintaining consistent transparency with the ETC community and public at large. We are pleased to share ETC Cooperative’s Board Package for July and August. So much has taken place at the Co-op in the last couple of months. Check them out below.


Diego López León, Developer ETC Cooperative
  • Diego López León joins the ETC Cooperative: Previously a developer at Rootstock Labs dating back to 2017, Diego will focus on Hyperledger Besu development, along with other general software engineering and infrastructure development and services provided by the ETC Cooperative.
  • Successful activation of the ECIP-1103 Magneto network upgrade.
  • Treasury development and collaboration with IOHK progresses throughout July and August. However this is followed by a withdraw of support by ETC Cooperative in September.
  • Exceptional amount of Grayscale funding during April to August, as ETC prices hit an all-time high during May. Nearly $2.8M USD of revenue was received or has been accrued by the ETC Coop from April to August leaving over $3.2M USD of assets on our balance sheet at the end of the quarter (cash balance and receivables).
  • Ongoing “Communications and Marketing” developments display positive sentiment for ETC: Metrics collected from multiple sources all display positive follower and overall community growth month over month in the more active ETC oriented social media accounts.
  • Continuous infrastructure maintenance and development for Ethercluster and BlockScout.
  • ETC Labs Core launches a node explorer called ETC Node Explorer: This site shows information on live nodes on the ETC network i.e. what client software it’s running, which protocol, fork ID, version numbers, update status, the node’s locale and more. Such monitors are useful during hard fork updates.

Below you’ll find our most recent reports:

Also, see Filings page page which lists all of incorporation documents, resolutions, IRS filings and other transparency reports.

Again, we at the Co-op put transparency at the forefront of our organizational goals. Without such a level of openness the ETC Co-op would never gain the level of trust and credibility needed to create successful growth and adoption of this one of a kind ecosystem, ETC. Also, each week we release our newsletter aptly titled ETC Weekly, which provides a high level update about events and updates happening in the ETC ecosystem.

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