ETC Weekly #5 | Thanos HF Success!!

Here we have the fifth release of “ETC Weekly!”

Thanos Hard Fork Success!!!

With the successful Thanos network upgrade now activated on block 11.7M, late Sunday, we’d like to thank all the volunteers, stakeholders, miners, service providers, individuals and teams who made this happen. Making these large network changes on live networks is in no way an easy feat and we thank everyone for their contributions!

Now that Thanos is implemented you have questions regarding the switch from ethash to etcash, which can be found right here.

Clients supporting Thanos hard-fork?

Besu, Core-geth, and Mantis will be supporting the Thanos hard-fork. Miner users should use Core-geth because Besu and Mantis mining is not mature enough for mainnet mining yet.

Hard Fork Dashboards

Node Monitor

Fork Monitor

News / Media

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