ETC Weekly 10th Edition: Mantis, ECC 2020 Review, Saturn ETC DeFi, Keccak mining, Astor testnet, SHA3 resources

ETC Weekly 10| Saturn Protocol ETC DeFi, ECC 2020 Review, Mantis, Besu Guides & Keccak Mining, ECIP-1103: Magneto EVM & Protocol Upgrades

This edition highlights the latest news and developments regarding protocol upgrades, the Keccak-256 update, IOHK’s Mantis projects and the upcoming Saturn DeFi platform.

Saturn Protocol V2 Coming in Q2 2021

Saturn Protocol v2 is a major upgrade to the protocol that powers our decentralized exchange. The successful launch of Saturn protocol v2 will mark the completion of the Prometheus stage of our roadmap. It introduces a number of key new features that improve the protocol across the board for all its investors, users and stakeholders.

Saturn V2, a Sushiswap or Uniswap, style exchange will offer ETH DeFI a more attractive ecosystem.

Keccak-256 Mining Support for Hyperledger Besu

Initial announcement by the ETC Cooperative

Keccak-256 Ethereum Classic Resources

Installing Hyperledger Besu — Enterprise Ethereum Client, video by Stevan Lohja

How to Use Hyperledger Besu on Windows, video by Stevan Lohja

Keccak-256 Videos and Interviews Resources

Below, Keccak ECIP-1049 author, Alex Tsankov, presents his vision of SHA3 for ETC POW at the Vancouver ETC Summit.

“ETC should adopt SHA3. POW”

Video interview: Etherplan and Alex Tsankov

The Ethereum Classic SHA-3 Coalition and Migration With ECIP-1049 Author Alex Tsankov

Get Started on the Astor Testnet

Astor Network is an Ethereum testnet that uses SHA3 as its proof of work method. SHA3 allows for a higher performance, and safer block production. Astor is based on ECIP-1049 which was proposed for Ethereum Classic in response to the 51% attack of January 2019.

ETC Cooperative Director of Developer Relations tests out SHA3
The submitted PR in the ECIP repository

ECIP-1103: Magneto EVM and Protocol Upgrades

Recently ETC Core developer, Afri Schoedon, proposed the Magneto hard-fork upgrade. Magneto is comprised of the outstanding Ethereum Foundation’s Berlin network protocol upgrades for Ethereum Classic, code-named Magneto. It will enable maximum compatibility across these networks. These changes have all been in use on the Ethereum network since early 2021.

Latest Ethereum Classic Node Clients

In the meantime prior to the Magneto hard-fork or even reaching a rough consensus on the ECIP, please make sure your node is updated to the latest version, compatible with the Thanos hard-fork — compatible nodes seen below.

IOHK February: Mantis Client, Mantis , Sagano Testnet, and More

Mantis is a fully featured client and wallet UI, developed from the ground up and written in Scala for the Ethereum Classic network (ETC). Created by IOHK to add robustness and variety to the ETC’s client share, it includes optimizations and network upgrades that improve network security, sustainability, and performance in the long term.

Mantis February, 2021 Development Update

Sagano: Mantis testnet

Sagano Faucet & Explorer

The Sagano Faucet and Explorer are key tools needed in order to use the Sagano testnet correctly.

Sagano Roadmap

Future testnet releases look to support the evolution of Ethereum Classic, protocol improvements to be potentially explored and proposed are:

Mantis Roadmap

Future Implementations and development efforts for Mantis can be reviewed in this Discussion Roadmap.

Implemented Features

Some new features have already been implemented in the current version of Mantis, but are actively being worked on and improved.



Future Implementations — Keccak-256

KEVM + Firefly

NiPoPoWs / Flyclient

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