Thanos Hard Fork

Get ready for this week’s ETC hard fork

Dear Ethereum Classic stakeholder,

The Ethereum Classic network will be undergoing the Thanos hard-fork this week, at block 11_700_000 or around November 29, 2020.

Major ETC pools making up the majority of the hash rate have confirmed their support for Thanos as well as major block explorers and infrastructure providers. Exchanges, wallets, and other services are preparing or ready. As we track the progress of the fork, please signal to an ETC organization or the community that you’re ready for Thanos.

Hard-fork dashboards:

Clients supporting Thanos hard-fork?

Besu, Core-geth, and Mantis will be supporting the Thanos hard-fork. Miner users should use Core-geth because Besu and Mantis mining is not mature enough for mainnet mining yet.

If you’re using a managed API service or third-party service provider, then ensure they are ready for Thanos.

What is the Thanos hard-fork?

Thanos is a hard-fork which will reduce the size and the growth rate of the DAG. The Thanos hard-fork is specified in ECIP-1099.

Attention Miners

Ethereum Classic will now have the Etchash algorithm. Miners need to update their mining software to an Etchash supporting alternative.

EtcHash Resources:



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