October 2018 | Monthly Dev Update


Emerald Wallet release v1.1.0

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New Feature:

  • Added support for transaction URI handling and wallet will now intercept ethereum:// protocol.


  • Upgrades to electron and ledger versioning further increasing performance and security of the wallet as well as other dependency improvements.
  • Wallet no longer crashes if vault is already running separately.
  • Better informational components when sending transactions.
  • Fixed performance issues when transactions history grows large.
  • Send max works more reliably
  • Better performance when toggling between network nodes (test-net, main-net, remote, etc…)

Emerald JS UI release, v.0.0.31, v0.0.32



  • Upgraded library dependencies.

Hashicon release v0.2.0,


Input a hash of anything at all to generate a unique Hashicon.

Other News

ETC Labs Launch and Bootcamp

ETCDEV was at ETC Labs launch and dev bootcamp in San Fransisco. So many fabulous people and projects were there, and it was a pleasure to have met everyone!

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We are extremely grateful to the many volunteers and members of our community for their ongoing contributions.