September 2018 | Monthly Dev Update


ECIP-1045 is open! The ECIP proposes support for a subset of ETH Byzantium & Constantinople EVM protocol upgrades. We strongly encourage your participation as it’s open for proposals and revisions.

ECIP-1045 👉


ETCDEV welcomes Compiler Engineer, Michael Collison, to the team. He’s settling in and we look forward to his contributions to the SputnikVM project.


New projects 🚀:

Emerald CLI

Emerald CLI

Github | Docs

Emerald CLI has similar characteristics to Truffle Framework, however, integrates the best Emerald Platform tools for end-to-end DApp development.

Emerald Starter Kit 🔰

Github | Docs

Emerald Starter Kit is a barebones template for building DApps on ETC. Developers can quickly iterate their own DApps based on the template if they so choose.

Documentation 📗

New documentation site at to help developers build unstoppable decentralized applications and learn more about our open source projects.



A new research initiative for side chain platforms [orbits] on Ethereum Classic to help ETC scalability.


Visit and subscribe to our new YouTube channel here. Watch our presentations from the recent 2018 Summit and stay tuned for upcoming demos and guides all about ETC.


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Other project updates:


Generates a beautiful representation of any hash.


C and Go bindings for the SputnikVM core library.

Other News

2018 ETC Summit

It was a pleasure to attend and speak at the 2nd Annual 2018 ETC Summit in Seoul, South Korea. The event was a great success! Feel free to watch ETCDEV’s summit presentations on our YouTube channel:

We are extremely grateful to the many volunteers and members of our community for their ongoing contributions.