What if we could support the launch of a new category of phone?

In collaboration with Brandwave and Bullitt Group

Ross Chapman
May 18, 2018 · 6 min read

The challenge

“We were given two weeks, with a number of questions to answer. The initial anticipated outputs consisted of a number of page templates, a sitemap and some user testing. With the Design Sprint methodology, we were able to produce those outcomes including a human-tested prototype.” - Ross Chapman, product designer

Understanding the target market from a marketing standpoint

The long term goal: To create the category of ‘the outdoors phone.’

Can we use a Design Sprint to answer this?

The approach

Day 1

Current market
Plotting problems to solve

Day 2

Day 3

Will adjusting the prototype
The prototype at the end of Day 3

Day 4

Iteration sprint

Sketching and voting
Will running a user test with participant Joe

The outcomes

Small groups make a big difference

Etch works well with others

Backlogs FTW

“We worked fast. I loved this project and it really demonstrated the value of relying upon a battle-tested product design methodology like Design Sprints“ — Ross Chapman, product designer at Etch

What’s next?


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