Ethereum Classic & Jade Suite are Enabling Truly P2P Decentralized Applications

Stevan Lohja
Jul 9 · 4 min read

Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency as well as a platform for decentralized applications. One of the challenges for developers to build peer to peer applications is the blockchain elements that make an App, a DApp, and a standardized way to interact with the blockchain. Our solution to this problem is the Jade Suite. will be a suite of tools dedicated to empowering developers to create peer to peer decentralized applications. Jade’s tooling will follow certain goals that we believe are essential for any DApp:

  • DApp users should be in control of their accounts. This draws fine lines between where private keys are stored and how transactions are signed.
  • DApp developers should have uniformly documented interfaces for all the software required to build DApps. This will include, documented interfaces for the blockchain, accounts, and related components needed for the DApp. By utilizing the OpenRPC specification, Jade will be a formidable documentation driven suite of tools.
  • DApp developers should have an easy method of deploying their applications. By reducing the scope of concerns or barriers to entry, developers may ignore the problem of where to get blockchain data or where a user’s account lives.
  • DApps should be able to run nearly anywhere. — Browsers, smartphones, desktops, etc…
  • DApp users should have the option to choose a security model that fits themselves, not the DApp developer.
  • DApp users should have the tools at their disposal that makes all of the above goals possible for the maximum number of users — including your grandpa.

To maximize the quality of our open source software, Jade projects will follow our open standard to ensure high-quality contributions and a documentation driven development philosophy around the projects. JSON-RPC 2.0 is the protocol of choice for Ethereum Classic and a-like EVM based networks. Therefore, OpenRPC will provide well-written APIs and comprehensive documentation for the suite’s underlining functionality.

The Structure of Truly P2P DApp.

What’s been released so far.

Jade HQ

Jade Service Runner

is an opinionated JSON-RPC service manager, that provides daemonization, installation, and discovery for JSON-RPC based services.

Service Runner helps developers gain access to a user’s locally run services. It provides users with a management and installation tooling, that allows developers to discover services and reliably request access to those services.

Jade Signer RPC

lets users manage keys and sign transactions offline for any EVM-based blockchain.

Jade Signer RPC is an API to support the generation, import, and/or storing of Ethereum Private Keys. It uses the to store keys offline and optionally use to generate mnemonic phrases. This software has no access to outside nodes or APIs.

Jade Explorer

is a block explorer for EVM based blockchains. The explorer uses Jade Service Runner for managing background services (Multi-Geth).

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ETC Labs Core is the ETC core development team of ETC Labs.