Ethereum Classic Labs Core — Quarterly Development Review Q2, 2019

Stevan Lohja
Jul 30, 2019 · 5 min read

Ethereum Classic Labs Core development team has been diligently working to provide the community with hot project releases and infrastructure. Most importantly, the Atlantis fork is under-way and on schedule.

Second-Quarter 2019 Achievements

Client Team

Our team has proposed and championed the Ethereum Classic Atlantis hard fork described in ECIP-1054. Participating stakeholders in the community agreed on the official schedule on June 20, 2019. The schedule is as described below:

Block 716,617 ~ Jun 19 on Kotti Classic PoA-testnetBlock 4,729,274 ~ Jul 29 on Morden Classic PoW-testnetBlock 8,772,000 ~ Sept. 17 ETC PoW-mainnet
  • ECIP-1054 is accepted and the Atlantis hard fork schedule is finally set.

Thanks to the collaboration of Ethereum Classic Labs and Chainsafe Systems, Classic-Geth is prepared for Atlantis. Classic-Geth has ~62% market share as of today, so it is important to provide a sufficient Classic-Geth client to the community.

  • Classic-Geth v6.0.6-beta is released. Classic-Geth version 6.0.6-beta or later is mandatory for Classic-Geth users in preparation for the Atlantis hard fork scheduled for mid-September.

We’ve made landmark progress for Multi-Geth. As of release v1.9.0, Multi-Geth is no longer a near-direct echo of upstream branches and Multi-Geth now supports OpenRPC’s Service Discovery method.

Tooling Team

Pristine is a starting point, it follows a Documentation Driven Development approach, and can be used as a resource to augment existing documentation.

The goal of Jade is to enable the creation of decentralized, peer to peer applications built for Ethereum Classic.

The OpenRPC Specification defines a standard, programming language-agnostic interface description for JSON-RPC 2.0 APIs.

$ open-rpc-typings --help
Usage: cli [options]
-v, --version output the version number
-d, --document [openrpcDocument] JSON string or a Path/Url pointing to an open rpc schema (default: "./openrpc.json")
--output-rs [directory] output dir of rust typings
--output-ts [directory] output dir of typescript typings
--output-go [directory] output dir of go typings
--name-rs [file] File name of rust typings (default: "./index")
--name-ts [file] File name of typescript typings (default: "./index")
--name-go [file] File name of go typings (default: "./index")
-h, --help output usage information


We’ve released a few high-level community resources that will undergo continued growth to support developers and the open-source technologies we contribute to.

Forward Quarterly Goals

Client Team:

  • Agharta hard-fork preparation
  • Advanced client compatibility testing.

Tooling Team:

The tooling team is committed to the continued development and support for Jade, Pristine, and OpenRPC. However, we’re looking forward to the following deliverables

  • Pristine-rust-lib and Pristine-rust-bin progress. Rust based templates for Pristine.
  • Semantic-rs releases. A Rust based library for automating releases.
  • Jade-Explorer releases. An open-source block explorer for EVM based blockchains and DApp development.
  • Jade Wallet releases. An open-source wallet for EVM based blockchains and DApps.
  • Jade-Signer progress.
  • Server-rs progress. A Rust based library for OpenRPC servers allowing a micro-framework for OpenRPC-based services as opposed to client-generator.

ETC Labs Core in the Media

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