Jade Explorer, A Minimal Block Explorer for the Ethereum Stack

Stevan Lohja
Sep 18, 2019 · 3 min read

Jade Explorer is a minimal block explorer for the Ethereum Stack. The explorer utilizes Jade Service Runner for managing background services (Multi-Geth), OpenRPC for underlying functionality, and Pristine. It does not use a database and can be configured to point at any remote RPC node for any EVM-based network. The goal of Jade Explorer is to provide a resource for network information and block exploration.

Explorer Features:

  • Display chain id
  • Syncing status
  • Runtime configuration for endpoints
  • Search by Block, Transaction, Address
  • Charts for hash, transaction count, gas used, uncles
  • Preview latest blocks

Need a block explorer for your EVM-based client? Just add it in the url https://explorer.jade.builders/?rpcUrl=https://. Here are some examples:

Maybe you want to see how much the DAO hacker HODLs lol


Current menu items in the header include ethereum-json-rpc documentation, source-code, rpcURL configurations, and light-dark mode.

#1 Jade Explorer — a minimal open-source block explorer for the Ethereum Stack

Jade Explorer as seen during the Ethereum Classic Atlantis Hard Fork


  • at least node v10.15.3
  • at least npm v6.4.1

Clone the repository and install project dependencies.

git clone https://github.com/etclabscore/jade-explorer.git && cd jade-explorer && npm install


If you don't have a service-runner running you can use the one in the package.json via: (or see the configuration section below to provide your own ethereum rpc URL):

npm run service-runner

Jade Service Runner will run at http://localhost:8002/.

npm start

The explorer will run at http://localhost:3000/ which should display multi-geth's status, and make sure multi-geth is running.

By default, multi-geth service will run ETC mainnet. Jade Service runner conveniently contains the service in the /.services/ directory of project.

# ./services/
└── multi-geth
└── 1.9.2
└── multi-geth
└── 1.9.2
└── classic
├── geth
│ ├── chaindata
│ ├── ethash
│ └── nodes
└── keystore



Override eth url

REACT_APP_ETH_RPC_URL=https://services.jade.builders/multi-geth/mainnet/1.9.2 npm start


Override service runner url

REACT_APP_SERVICE_RUNNER_URL=https://services.jade.builders/ npm start


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