Monthly Dev. Update #1 | January 2019 Core Development Update

We were thrilled to begin the new year by introducing the ETC core development team along with our project plan. The intent of this update series will be to inform the community of our progress. Mentions are based on Github aliases.



@meowsbits authored PR for Multi-Geth supporting ECIP config parameters and methods instead of hard fork groupings making feature implementation more clearer. This allows clients to toggle features derived from ECIPs. Being able to choose features generally bundled into a hard fork helps overall interoperability without breaking backward compatibility. Thank you @sorpaas for reviewing!

Data Analytics

Network Supervisor

Network Supervisor

Chain monitoring and analysis tooling became an immediate priority on our roadmap due to the recent 51% attack on the network. @meowsbits responded with the launch of a network supervisor at To view the code and get started with your own network supervisor, visit the project repository.


Docker ELK for Geth

Docker ELK for Geth

Nodes store the entire blockchain and being able to read that information can be challenging.@r8d8 modified docker-elk to also run Geth. The ELK stack gives node operators the ability to analyze any data set by using the searching/aggregation capabilities of Elasticsearch and the visualization power of Kibana.




Pristine is an open source repository in its original condition created by @belfordz and @shanejonas. Its goal is to be a starting point for new open source projects following a Documentation Driven Development pattern, as well as a resource from which to augment existing documentation. Pristine is an open standard, and we encourage developers from the broader community to follow Pristine when contributing to not only our projects, but their own too.



Kotti Test-net

We’re happy to participate in the Kotti test network! Kotti is a public Ethereum Classic test-net thanks to Afri, ETC Cooperative, ETHBerlin, and others involved! You can start your own Kotti node by visiting the project repository on Github, and check out the Kotti network status.

Focus for February

This month we are focused on growing the team, documentation, and getting a head start on our DApp tooling initiatives.

ETC Labs Core in the Media

Interview with Technology Coordinator Stevan Lohja

ETC Labs Core is the ETC core development team at ETC Labs. The team will be focused on core Ethereum Classic projects, supporting the ETC blockchain, providing tooling for decentralized application development, mining, and services.

ETC Labs is holding their second cohort accelerator in San Francisco this summer! Applications are open until July 1st. Learn more at and apply at