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It takes a talented and dedicated team to build innovative solutions for the financial market. What we are building here at Eternic is a global payments and settlement platform that uses blockchain technology to facilitate fast, secure, and inexpensive currency exchange between banks and financial institutions. Anyone that has transferred funds overseas knows that this process can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming. What you may not know is that it is equally so for financial institutions. And that’s what we are aiming to solve. You can learn more about our cross-border payments solution here:

HOWEVER, that’s not what this blog is about. Instead, we want to introduce you to some of the talented people who are bringing this ambitious solution to fruition.

Christoffer Andvig, Founder and Strategic Advisor 🇳🇴
In 2018, payments specialist Christoffer Andvig founded Eternic along with Constanti AG after years of research and development focused on improving international payments and settlement. Through his work building Neonomics, a leading pan-European open banking platform, Chris recognized the significant pressure global commerce and open banking would put on international banking systems, and the promise emerging technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, and tokenization held to meet those demands.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in the finance and credit industry and a proven track record of building successful companies. In addition to Neonomics, Chris is the founder of Fintech Innovation, a fintech development company and financial service hub in Oslo, Norway, which is where Eternic is being developed.

Kenneth Wagenius, Technical Advisor 🇳🇴
Our chief technology advisor is Kenneth Wagenius. Kenneth is the CTO of Neonomics and has extensive experience with banking systems, streaming systems, and mobile technology. He joined Neonomics and the Fintech Innovation advisory team in 2016, where he applies his considerable knowledge of payment technologies, blockchain technology, and core banking structures. In 2018, Kenneth participated in regulatory discussions around with the Financial Service Authority (FSA) of the European Central Bank (ECB) in London, and he plays a key role in regulatory and compliance work with financial authorities.

Sergey Popov, Senior SOA Architect 🇷🇺
Sergey leads our backend development team. He’s a senior SOA architect with over 25 years of experience in enterprise, security and application integration. His past roles include the architecture management and development in banking, telecom, and shipping/transportation industries. He is the author of several publications, including “Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform” — a practical guide to SOA, published together with Packt Publishing in 2014. When he’s not behind a computer screen, you’ll find him either behind a camera or impressing us with his excellent cooking skills.

David Goodwin — Strategy and Marketing Advisor 🇬🇧
David has over 10 years of experience in financial services and fintech with a specialty in new product development and business transformation. Prior to joining the team, David was at Tandem, a UK start-up bank — responsible for the growth and management of Tandem’s £500m deposit portfolio. Before joining Tandem, David held the role of Senior Consultant at Deloitte UK, specializing in large scale programs to support business transformation. David holds an MSc degree from the University of St. Andrews. He loves a good challenge and is into tour biking; we’re sure both Eternic, and the mountains of Norway will deliver.

Frankie Elmquist — Marketing and Communications Lead 🇺🇸
Frankie is a design professional specializing in content marketing and project management with over 20 years of international experience. Prior to joining our team, Frankie was a content marketing and social media manager for a leading 3D visualization and home design software company. She holds an MSc in Advanced Architectural Design (the building kind) from Columbia University in NYC. Her interest in tech began in 2000 while working with a developer to design custom project management software to streamline procurement and tracking processes for the architecture firm she was working for. Ever resourceful, if she can’t find a solution, she’ll build one.

Rishabh Vishwakarma, Blockchain Developer 🇮🇳
Rishabh is a backend and blockchain developer with 9+ years in the IT industry. Prior to joining Eternic, Rishabh worked for DNB and Lloyds Bank here in Norway and internationally. He holds a bachelor’s degree in IT from the Institute of Technology and Management in Lucknow and has recently become a certified R3 Corda Blockchain Developer. When not deep in code, he enjoys playing guitar and tabla and listening to Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin. We’re hoping he’ll get some jam sessions going at the office.

Ingrid Abraham — Systems Analyst 🇬🇧
Ingrid is a Software Engineer and Systems Analyst with an MPhys in Physics and Astronomy from Durham University in the UK. She’s worked in computational cosmology, writing python programs to go through supercomputer data of a universe simulation to find galaxies, categorize them, and track them back in time to see how they formed. Ingrid brings a wide range of programming language and analytical skills to the team. She is also an experienced Argentine tango dancer. Needless to say, whether, in the office or the ballroom, she keeps us on our toes.

Rocky — Chief Happiness Officer 🐶
The final member of our core team that we’ll introduce you to today is Rocky — our mascot and Chief Happiness Officer.

Rocky has been an active contributor and motivator from the very start. As a team, we are big pet lovers and enjoy having them around to brighten our day. And just to make sure our feline friends don’t feel overshadowed, here are their names too: Fenris, Ignatius (Iggy), and Vasily 🐱.

This is just the “tip of the iceberg” of the Eternic team and we’re growing fast. If you’re interested in innovation and have experience in payments, platform development, and blockchain technology ­– WE WANT YOU! You can learn more about us and open positions on our website, and follow us on LinkedIn to get updates as new positions come available.

Whether you’re a bank or payment provider looking for a faster, cheaper, and safer cross-border solution or you’re an innovator who wants to join the team, we look forward to meeting you! Visit us today:

– Team Eternic



Eternic is a new global payment and settlement platform that uses blockchain technology to enable real-time cross-border transactions between banks. Our blog investigates fintech, payments, and blockchain developments, that can improve international banking.

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Eternic is a dynamic team of fintech professionals building a new cross-border payments platform using blockchain technology: