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ETHA Weekly Report #51

Welcome to the 51st segment of our weekly newsletter series.

In this quick round-up of the dev progress on ETHA Lend, we cover smart contract codes, battle-testing new eVault strategies, and frontend fixes.

Before we dive in — as a gentle reminder — we’d love to hear your feedback on the development process, new ideas, or any thoughts on the future of ETHA Lend. We encourage you to share your ideas and plan for the protocol’s future via the governance forum!


  • New contract code
  • New Vault testing
  • Frontend
  • Community updates

Vault Testing

We’re testing 4 compounding strategies and 3 volatile strategies for the new Vaults. In total 3 requirements specifically related to assets and withdrawals were identified, and we’re currently addressing these issues.

Frontend and Page loading Bug Fixes

With the upcoming ETHA ecosystem in general, we are creating products that do not overcomplicate DeFi. We aim to achieve that with easy-to-use products that do not confuse protocol users and instead provide a seamless experience in every single interaction.

As we move this product forward, there are opportunities to add more depth without creating confusion. One of these areas of constant improvement is the front-end, which we are constantly optimizing.

We fixed several bugs on the governance page, including rewards claims and metric display issues. We are now also working on addressing the factors that occasionally cause the app, in general, to load slower.

Community Updates

We’re also working on launching a new contest as we prepare for the launch of a very exciting project for our community.

And that will be a wrap for this week’s report! We’ll be back with report #52 next week.

We can’t wait to hear what you think! Share your thoughts on the future of the protocol on the Governance Forum. join the ETHA Lend Discord and Telegram, follow us on Twitter,

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Danny Boahen

Danny Boahen

Head of Business Operations & Co-Founder at ETHA