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ETHA Weekly Update #40 — Partnership, Bug Tickets, $ETHA token

Welcome to the 40th edition of our weekly newsletter series.

Hear us out,

An awesome and passionate community has thrived around the project. There are truly creative and talented people amongst you, and we have decided that we want to hear your thoughts on new campaigns, contests, and other ideas focused on two KPIs: TVL and community growth. We would like to reward those creative spirits even! So don’t hesitate to let those creative juices out!

Here’s a round of last weeks development in a few minutes


  • Bridging of ETHA token via AnySwap (now called Multichain) on BSC
  • Bug ticket — Withdraw function
  • Unstoppable Domain Partnership

$ETHA token Bridge via AnySwap (now called Multichain)

In the last report #39, we completed bridging ETHA via Anyswap (now called Multichain) on Moonriver. This week completed bridging $ETHA on Binance Smart Chain. We have Arbitrum, Harmony, and Avalanche in progress. Once those are done, Fantom will be the last network to bridge.

Bug Ticket

We noticed that the protocol, for now, is not supporting the withdrawals over a certain amount. We are reviewing the issues which we think might be occurring with percentage slider implementations.

Unstoppable Domains Partnership

Thanks to this collaboration, users can hop on to to grab their very own unique domain to login into the protocol. This domain is extremely versatile and can be used across multiple other supported protocols. We initiated this partnership to bring our users closer to Web 3 and enhance accessibility.

ETHA Tokenomics 2.0

We recently also launched the ETHA tokenomics 2.0. With this, you can expect a completely new experience, utility, and protocol position. veETHA is one of the biggest future implementations within the roadmap, coming next to the protocol evolving into a community-owned project since a huge chunk of token distribution will shift towards the protocol users, supported and contributors and away from VCs or whale wallets.

Give it a read, it’s thrilling, here:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub




ETHA Lend is a interoperable protocol that abstracts the complexity in DeFi to provide algorithmically optimal yield.

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Danny Boahen

Danny Boahen

Head of Business Operations & Co-Founder at ETHA

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