The planning for ETHBerlin has been underway for a long time now. We have searched high and low for community feedback and integrated all of this into our sponsorship deck, and most importantly speaking slots, as it was one of the most common wishes arising from project feedback. We decided that in order not to operate with tiers to grant access to the grand stage(s) we would keep this portion of the event sponsorship-free.

No amount of money can get you on that stage. This is an educational event, content-based, for hackers and there is no way to waiver this. We will not make any further comments, we believe we are acting in the fairest way possible.

The real value of sponsoring

That said, when it comes to sponsoring the event, we would really appreciate if you could bear in mind the following:

  1. We have committed funds from all tiers to the Open Track Bounty. What does this mean? The hackers will have the freedom to buidl whatever they want and be awarded accordingly and in the most agnostic manner.
  2. All the funds raised via sponsorships will be for the community: whether contributing to grants, feeding our dear hackers, or ensuring that their tools will be safe and they will have the best facilities to build concentrated, this is what your sponsorship will be funding: a commitment to the ecosystem.
  3. At the same time, we understand marketing and branding is important, so we have upgraded all proposals for you to get good visibility for your contribution.

You are investing in open-source development. You are investing in mass adoption. You are investing in finding new talent, and having the possibility to give them a voice and funds to continue their work: YOU ARE INVESTING IN OUR DECENTRALIZED FUTURE.

Your commitment is our commitment

The Berlin society ethos is very much aligned with this vision. And we stay true to our principles. We cannot please everyone, but our core focus is to give back as much as we can to Open-Source development. We got here thanks to this, thanks to the decentralized ethos, thanks to the Web 3.0 vision.

Our arms are wide open and we are happy to align with your team, in order to provide the best experience for all participants. Let’s continue building the most collaborative and less selfish community we want — we have a great responsibility — we are building the new world order.

In order to do this, we need to make this transition and our work sustainable. So fun is important. We don’t care about start-up language, Y-combinator standards (with all due respect), or big marketing events. We care about the Ethereum builders. We think we’re all aligned in this, and we are happy and thankful for the great response so far. If this is how we are thinking at the start of these project, imagine the end.

If during this path we unfortunately trigger some sensitivities, let this blogpost act as an explainer for why we are doing this and for whom. We firmly believe that after this little manifesto, we should remain unapologetic and continue making sure Open Source development of decentralized projects is our core focus, and that the protagonists of this scene are well-represented. We want to encourage them and reaffirm the notion that they are on the right path, and we will do what it takes to push this.

Please apply as judges, mentors and volunteers — we need you. Open Source needs you. Be mindful of the possibilities and opportunities arising from engaging with the hackers and don’t be shy to join our family.

Are you with us?

ETHBerlin is committed to inclusion, diversity, education, and above all, to the Ethereum Community improvement. We will not sell any tickets for this event.

Some tickets will be available for free for things such as Day 1: conferences, or the Day 2 workshops. We will release separate applications in due time.

Volunteers, Speakers, Sponsors and Hackers will have access to all events (although they will need to sign up for some due to capacity restrictions)

ETHBerlin is organized in joint collaboration with ETHGlobal and with the incredible support of Factory Berlin.



Department of Decentralization + ETHBerlin
Department of Decentralization + ETHBerlin

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