Attendees to Play Event-Wide Scavenger Hunt Game with Gitcoin Kudos at ETHDenver

Throughout the ETHDenver BUIDLATHON weekend, attendees will be able to play an event-wide scavenger hunt game on the blockchain. By exploring Cypher sponsor tables, spaces and activities, attendees will receive a physical sticker & a digital asset called a Gitcoin “Kudo.”

What’s a Kudo?
The Kudos are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from Gitcoin which will be stored in attendees’ Status wallets and each one features a special Bufficorn artwork by Sergio Ordonez and Mladen Petronijevic. A true Bufficorn loves the Colorado spirit and culture. Attendees will be able to sample this experience as you explore and unlock special examples of things the Bufficorn loves to do.

Complete your physical & digital gameboards at ETHDenver this weekend.

How To Play
Spaces & activities that can be explored include: DJ Chill Room, Food Trucks, Art Gallery, Relaxation Room, Maker Space, #ShillColorado & #BUIDLaFriend. All Cypher sponsors also have a Kudo to unlock.

After downloading a Status wallet, attendees will proceed to engage with a number of different community partners and shared spaces throughout the venue while earning Gitcoin Kudos at each stop. To access Kudos from the Status wallet, attendees simply need to go to their wallet on Status mobile, click the ellipsis (manage assets), and then scroll down and “Add KudosToken.”

Each earned Kudo will also be accompanied with a real-world sticker representation to be placed on an attendee’s water bottle game board.

  1. To collect the real-world sticker version of the kudos, talk to a sponsor and get the sticker from them.
  2. To collect the digital NFT version of the sticker, talk to a sponsor and get a QR code from them. Scan that QR code with your Status Wallet, and follow the instructions on-screen to claim your kudos.
  3. Once attendees have collected all of the available Kudos and stickers in this gamified ecosystem, they will earn a KeepKey and their very own customized wooden NFT placard by SolidCoin. They will also earn their final game board sticker! To get these items, please go to the Front Desk on the first floor and present your completed water bottle gameboard.

Play on Bufficorns! We hope you have fun exploring this collectible ecosystem.