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BUIDL with Harmony at ETHDenver 2021

Curious about BUIDLing at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021 with Harmony Protocol but wanting more details on their project? Get the scoop from their recent interview with ETHDenver:

“Harmony is a layer one protocol that we want to think about scalability. So we took the Ethereum 2.0 approach of doing sharding. Layer one protocols were all emerging the last two years, and we were thinking, ‘How can we bring the story about shorting and sticking two years ago, three years ago, doing research and planning production, and see how it connects to Ethereum?’ So we’ve been running the Magneto for more than a year and a half now.

Now the question is, given sharding and staking, can different blockchain layers want to connect together? And I think this year is perfect for the story being interoperable through a bridge, through really different tooling that works together with a Metamask, and you start, as we were finding a deposition that we really serve, not just our users, but with young developers.”

“We love the two types, that people that actually are in Ethereum, that have been developing on Ethereum for some time, and we’re just trying to understand how the ecosystem has been growing. Lots of competition about layer two, optimism, just launch. We want to find the ecosystem that talks about, ‘Can the developer on Ethereum really be connected with other systems?’ So we have a bridge that talks about committing with the Ethereum ecosystem.

We have been having a few hackathons and this is a great time to bring on people together. There’s no doubt that Uniswap is everyone’s favorite. So we would love to talk about it and really understand what’s next. Right? We know Uniswapv3 is coming. But what about the crosschain version of it? There are lots of Ethereum ERC20s on Uniswap. There’s a reason why Ethereum is where many of the stablecoins are, and many of the decentralized exchanges started right there. Market making became really very easy to scale. But we really want to think about, ‘What’s next about launching other books and about being able to put different assets together? The king is still going to be Ethereum but can we also work with stable coins in other assets?”

“We have been having a few partners to think about just about branded assets to help new developers get into the space through NFTs through different innovations that they can play with different financial systems. And I think that experimentation is very important, whether cheaper fees or faster scalability is really allowed, both for the users and developers. So branded assets really means you can create any digital art, and I think many of the projects are critical.

So creating your economy and items, we want to think about how to bring in the mainstream, like assets, like the way that the NBA has Top Shots. Now partnered with all these, like traditional cable assets that are mainstream, we’re very excited in the NFT space as well. So I think the best page, which I’ll be telling friends, if not even my family is, this is a time. This is a time when the FinTech revolution really is on top of both the theory of application framework but also different decentralized platforms. So come whether you are a new flagship developers that are very well versed in Web2, whether you’re entrepreneurs that really want to innovate in different business models, and obviously, for the Ethereum developers, I think this is a great time!”

Meet the team and learn more about Harmony Protocol at ETHDenver & ColoradoJam 2021, February 5–12! Apply today at



#ETHDenver brings together diverse minds who are passionate about decentralization & the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem • Feb 24th — March 5th, 2023 • Apply today at! #BufficornBUIDLBrigade #ColoradoJam #BufficornVentures

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A community #BUIDLing the decentralized future • Feb. 24– March 5, 2023 • Apply: • #ETHDenver #BufficornBUIDLBrigade #ColoradoJam